16 Dec 2013

Limited Edition “Lash Flash” by CATRICE”


 Limited Edition “Lash Flash” by CATRICE”

Eyes wide open! A glance at the international fashion shows reveals: the fashion trends of the Spring/Summer season 2014 are extremely diverse and range from androgynous grunge influences to the feminine looks of the 1960’s. No matter what the style, one beauty detail stands out: lashes with an XXL look. Impressive, sweeping lashes are this season’s ultimate must-have. More density. More volume. More length. With false lashes, this look is quick and easy to achieve. They are therefore increasingly becoming a part of daily make-up routines. The new Limited Edition “Lash Flash” by CATRICE, which will be available in stores from mid January to February 2014, is all about fabulous lashes. A large selection ranging from natural-looking single lashes to expressive lash designs offers something to suit every style. A practical black glue and the Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara in three different versions are further highlights of this extravagant and limited edition.

Lash Flash by CATRICE – Lashes

Eye Couture. The false lashes in this limited collection are available in six different styles. Depending on your type and the occasion, you’ve got a choice of natural-looking single lashes, a classic eyelash band as well as extraordinary designs including expressive fans and XXL creations. The lashes are kept safe thanks to the practical slide packaging, so you can take them along wherever you go and they are even re-usable. 

 C01 Extravagant Volume Lashes

 C02 Delicate Extension Lashes

 C03 Maximized Expression Lashes

 C04 Stunning Lengthening Lashes

  C05 Single Lashes

 C06 Classical Volume Lashes.

 Black Lash Glue

Black Magic. The black glue is perfectly aligned with the lashes in this limited edition and enhances the dense, XXL-lash effect with plenty of volume thanks to its dark colour. Apply glue on the band of the false lashes, leave to dry a few seconds, place on lashline and wait a moment. This look is sure to last all day and will survive a wild night of partying, too.

 Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara

Big is beautiful. Large elastomer brushes are the trend as they capture more mascara and professionally separate your lashes, too. The result: an accurate application for spectacular volume with a multiplying factor. The mascara can also be applied on false lashes to enhance their effect. No clumping. The large, conic packaging in an elegant matt black with an eye-catching colour print reveals that there are two versions of this wonderful mascara coming on the market: 


 Ultra Black.

Around 4.49 €*.

“Lash Flash” by CATRICE will be available in stores from mid January to February 2014. Afterwards, the Single Lashes, the Classical Volume Lashes and all three versions of the Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara will be joining the standard CATRICE range.