22 Aug 2014

Revel Nail - Swatches and Review


Revel Nail is an American brand that I have mentioned a lot in the last couple months, both here in the blog and in my Facebook page. When I first heard about it I thought it was just another gel polish brand but it all changed when I made the first contact with their team. First of all the team is super fast at all email responses and they have always been amazing in their costumer care. 

They answered all my questions about the brand and explained me everything about their products.  When we first made contact, the rep told me that they had a new base coat under development and If I would like to try their gel polish they would contact me again as soon as the new base with the new formulation was ready. The contact happened a couple weeks later when they updated me on the news and progresses of their new products. 

Very little time later, I was contacted again with the great news that the new base was ready! A package was sent and I received it quickly, very well packed and all products in perfect condition. 

 This bottles are quite singular. Usually, gel polish brands have their gel polishes in black UV blocker bottles that don't allow us to see the real colors. Revel Nail, however, has managed to create a formulation of gel polish that is stable enough to be stocked in see through bottles, witch is amazing! I love that I can see the real colors in real time!

Revel Nail gel polish has a 3 step system with application of base coat, color and top coat. Why I like the 3 way system:
- Gives extra layers of strength to the nail without making them too thick;
- The gel polish lasts longer;
- The top coat gives the nail an extra shine that lasts longer when compared to monophasic gel polishes;
- The base coat really adheres to the nail and does not lift in any place even with 20 days of wear! 
- If you don't like to have to much color, this base and top coat apply nicely on their own. I experimented with base-curing-top-curing and they made the nails look amazing. This can help you with your regular polish too. With this base/top combo you can protect your nails, reinforce them (if they feel weak) and make your regular polish last longer. 

I started testing this polishes in UV and they cure in 2 mins per coat (base, color and top).
When I moved to led I tested them in both 1min curing time , 45secs and 30 secs . The base, colors and top all cure in 30 secs per coat. The top coat leaves a tacky layer, so you need to clean that up with cleanser.

Revel Nail - Base Coat - Color - Top Coat

This polishes wear so well and for such a long time. I received 7 shades and I wore them all for at least 5 days. One of them I wore for 20 days - Carouse - and two others I wore for 10 days - Feisty and Festival. I wore Spree for 7 days and the remaining for 4/5 days. All of them were without a single ship when I removed them. Even Carouse. Carouse had minor wear marks on the tips but no lifting or chips. 5 STARS for Wear.

As you can see by the picture bellow this text... Removal is perfect. I used the foil method with foil squares, cotton pads cut in 4 pieces (1 piece for nail) and regular acetone. I have not buffed the nails prior to removal and the soak off time was of about 7-10mins. With buffing it takes from 5-7 mins. The polish comes of in pieces and the nail has NO DAMAGE at all! Perfect. I am beyond happy. No shoving or pushing of any kind. 

Purple with a hint of blue and grey. My favorite (ok one of...my favorites). 2 coats of color.

Medium Pumpkin orange, super bright! 2 coats of color.

Studs by BornPrettyStore ( 10%OFF with CHL91)


My 2nd favorite. Also a purple. This one is the shimmer shade of this set of swatches! Wears beautifully on the nail and the hands look amazing, even with small nails! 

Premium classic red. A must have in every collection! I am always partial to reds but I need to say that I LOVED this one. 2 coats of color.

I never thought I would like this much a light baby pink. Applies perfectly and looks amazing! Loved it! 2 coats of color.


This was a super surprise. I always love blues but I am never sure if I am going to like them on my nails! I did! I actually loved this almost petrol blue with this gorgeous shine! I even got a lot of compliments on my blue nails! I really loved wearing it! 2 coats.

Studs by BornPrettyStore ( 10%OFF with CHL91)


The cream of the crop, the cherry on the top of the cake! This is one of the most gorgeous glitter top coats I have ever used. Revel Nail Disco is a holographic top coat with medium holographic particles, and amazing(outstanding) shine and reflection capacity and a highly pigmented formula. Disco has a scattered holographic finish with medium sized holographic particles suspended on a clear base. 1 to 2 coats depending on the holographic dept and effect you want.

My Final Thoughts
This is a brand I will support and recommend.

I don't have one single bad point to say about it and I will keep using this colors. Disco is a must have and so is Feisty. They have just launched their FALL collection so you should check that out too!

Here they are. My favorites from the new collection are: Incline, Supernova, Queen, Lava, Blarney and Solid.

I am super curious about Flynnstone, Passion, Bonfire and Honeymoon!

Don't forget to use the code BETTY to a 25$ OFF discount when buying all the shades on the 1st collection!

Brand Information and Products Specifications
  • Quality and Value at your fingertips - Sold directly to nail salons for $7.49 per bottle
  • Made in the USA - Formulated to stay on nails for 3 weeks without chipping
  • Soaks off completely in 7 minutes
  • Great shine and scratch resistant
  • Cures in LED lamp in 30 secs & UV lamp in 2 mins
  • Vitamin E enriched to protect and make nails stronger
  • 3-Free formulation - contains no formaldehyde, DBP (Dibutyl phthalate) or toluene
  • UV stable to allow viewing of color at the top of the bottle
  • All bottles are 0.5 OZ
  • Free shipping on orders of 10+ bottles

*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

21 Aug 2014

New FALL Collections - Mollon Pro - Orly - Revel Nail - China Glaze


Mollon Pro  
I'm dying to see this new shades! The darker ones are screaming for me!
Favorites: 195 -198-200

The shimmers... ohhh the shinnies! Come to mama!
Favorites: Smoked out - Darkest Shadow

Revel Nail 
This is their 2nd collection and I already love them all! Have I told you I love their formula? ZoMg! I do! 
Favorites: Incline, Supernova, Queen, Lava, Blarney [Gel Polish]

China Glaze

The China Glaze® All Aboard collection includes:

Favorites: With Stars! 

  • ·         Don’t Get Derailed: Elephant gray crème
  • ·         Choo-Choo Choose You: Purple/gray smoky shimmer *
  • ·         All Aboard: Purple crème

  • ·         Nice Caboose!: Raspberry glitter*
  • ·         Conduct Yourself: Oxblood crème
  • ·         Lug Your Designer Baggage: Brown crème with gold flecks*
  • ·         What Are You A-Freight Of?: Brown crème
  • ·         Mind the Gap: Olive shimmer*
  • ·         Well Trained: Dark turquoise crème
  • ·         One Track Mind: Navy blue crème
  • ·         Loco-Motive: Gunmetal and red glitter*
  • ·         Stop that Train!: Rust red shimmer

17 Aug 2014

Roby Nails - Deep Ocean [Gel Polish]


Hello lovelies! How are you today? Today I have another gorgeous gel polish from Roby Nails to show you. This is Deep Ocean and has a dark blue shade filled with shimmer. Lets see!
Cucu! Tudo bem? Hoje trago-vos mais um lindissimo verniz gel da Roby Nails. Desta vez é o Deep Ocean, um  azul escuro repleto de shimmer! Vamos ver?

*brand info by the end of the post* 

16 Aug 2014

Embeleze Portugal - Shampoo


This is a Brazilian beauty brand that is now available in Portugal. A couple days ago I received one of their shampoos to test. The one I received is from Erva-Doce, (Anise).

A Embeleze e a Novex lançaram em Portugal uma linha de shampoos já existentes no Brasil. A semana passada recebi um champo de erva doce para testar. A linha é desenhada com um aroma para cada dia /humor e este é especifico para aqueles dias das meninas! 

This Shampoo is amazing! I've been using it for a week and I noticed how amazing it was right by the first application. The smell is from out of this world and it lasts a loooott! I noticed I spent the day thinking about how good the hair smelled and how shiny and soft it was! It happened the next 3 times I used it too! I in love with this shampoo and I will have to get the other ones to test them! If you haven't tried any one of this yet, you should!

Este shampoo é fabuloso. O cheirinho é delicioso e dura imenso. Já o estou a usar há cerca de uma semana  e notei a diferença logo na primeira lavagem. O cheirinho é fantástico e dura todo o dia tal como o brilho do cabelo. Esta linha tem vários shampoos e estou louca para experimentar os outros, já que gostei tanto deste! Se não experimentaram ainda nenhum produto desta gama têm que experimentar! Vale a pena!

*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

15 Aug 2014

Rescaldo Saldos Verão 2014 / Summer Sale Haul

This sale season has been hot around here!! I got to pick up a couple of things! Lets see! 
Estes saldos foram bastante proveitosos! Bastantes coisas boas em promoção. Tenho aqui algumas coisas para vos mostrar!

I devoured all three of the Body Butters that were available at Douglas! Around 4€ each.

The cat thingy is a dehydrated towel. I am not sure how it works as I haven't tested it yet. But it says to place it under hot water and it will "grow?"! I'll let you know as soon as I have it. Around 1.5€.
Erborian CC Crème HD. It is a white cream that turns skin toned when on the skin. 13€.

Kiko Matte Lipstick, red shade, #606. Around 6€.
Baton Kiko Matte em vermelho. Número #606.

Kiko Eyeshadow palette from the new Poker collection. 13€.

Sephora High Coverage base and Concealer, from the 25% Off Sephora day.
Base - Regular Price - around 12€, Concealer 8€.

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner - Regular Price 6€.

Sephora Waterproof make up remover - 6.90€ in promotion - Usually 9.90€.
Sephora CC Cream - 22€
Garnier Hydra Adapt - 6€
Chanel Taboo - 16.11€ in promotion at Perfumes e Cia.

14 Aug 2014

Kinetics Super Moisture Hand Cream [Review]


Kinetics Super Moisture Hand Cream - With SPF-8

Kinetics has recently launched a new line of hand creams. The line has 3 different products that I have showed you here. This is Super Moisture with SPF-8. The line has also a Rich Cream hand lotion and and a Luxury Lifting hand cream. 

A Kinetics lançou há pouco tempo uma nova linha de cremes de mãos para uso profissional. A linha que vos mostrei aqui é composta por este creme abaixo, o Super Moisture e também o Rich Cream e o Luxury Lifting. O Super Moisture contém SPF-8 que, entre outras características, é uma mais valia.

*brand info by the end of the post*

7 Aug 2014

LCN Nature's Poetry [Swatches]


Hello Ladies! How are you?
Today I have LCN Nature's Poetry, one of the latest collections by LCN. Lets see them!
Cucu! Tudo bem?
Hoje trago-vos uma das mais recentes colecções da LCN, a colecção Nature Poetry que tem tons mimosos e muitooo lindos! Vamos ver?

*brand info by the end of the post*

6 Aug 2014

Orly Le Chateau

Hi!! How are you?
Today I have Orly Le Chateau to show you! This is a gorgeous deep dark green shade that made me crazy by the 1st coat!

The formula is slightly fluid but does not run. Its pigmented but 3 need thin coats for this dark closed finish (see bellow). Dried super fast! I wore it for 2 days without any chip. Was still perfect when removed.

Hello!! Tudo bem por aí?
Hoje tenho mais um lindíssimo Orly para vos mostrar! O Orly Le Chateau tem um tom verde escuro delicioso. A formula é fluida mas não escorre para a cuticula e a fórmula é bem pigmentada. Cobre a unha em 3 camadas fininhas ou duas bem generosas (eu prefiro sempre camadas finas). Secou bastante rápido e brilhante. Usei-o dois dias e estava intacto quando removi!

 *brand info by the end of the post*


*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*