21 Dec 2014

BLING Christmas Nails - White Winter Frost with Snowman

Happy Sunday and welcome to Christmas Countdown! <3 

Bom Domingo e muito benvindas à contagem decrescente para o Natal! 


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20 Dec 2014

Christmas Nail Ideas Beauty & Nail Kits & LED Lamps

Hi Gorgeous! How are you? Today I'm giving you some last minute gift ideas for Nail People, like you and me! If you are not a nail person but have someone close that is, pay attention to this post!

Cucu princesas!! Hoje trago-vos um post com ideias de prendas (tudo mani related) para vocês ou para uma amiga especial! 

19 Dec 2014

Purple Professional Royal Winter Ball Swatches


Hello lovelies, how are you today? Today I have the complete swatches for the Purple Professional Winter 2014 Collection that is called Royal Winter Ball. The collection has  6 shades and there 1 one cream, 1 pear and 4 GORGEOUS shimmers. All cover the nail in 2 coats except Bridal Veil that requires 3. Lets see!

Cucu princesas! Tudo bem? Hoje trago-vos os swatches da Colecção de Inverno 2014 da Purple Professional. A colecção Royal Winter Ball está disponível em todos os revendedores ( Onde comprar Purple Professional) desde o inicio da semana. A colecção é composta por 6 novas cores sendo que 1 tem acabamento cremoso, 1 tem acabamento perolado e 4 são shimmers maravilhosos. Todas as cores necessitam de 2 camadas finas para opacidade total excepto o tom 121 Bridal Veil que necessita de 3 camadas finas. Vamos ver as fotos.

*brand info by the end of the post*

xmas Gift Ideas for Smokers - NEwhere

Hello lovelies! How are you today? I have been asked a couple times now about those new  electronic cigarettes and since there is one active smoker in my household (not me, mum!) I have always been curious about them.

Since it is almost Christmas I thought it would be an interesting gift idea for you or your smoker friends and a good timing for those with new year resolutions!  
Benefits for us girls!

One amazing thing you can tell yourself or your nail friends, to give him a (or yourself) a positive incentive is that you will no longer have yellow nails or fingertips with this cigarettes! This is a super positive point and you will have better-looking nails!  The other obvious positive point is the improvement of your general health! That is a great gift if you ask me!