8 Mar 2012

The Guy behind the Polish Girl

So Girls, this is a Tag that my friend Solange (from NailLacquerAddict ) "started" a couple days ago!
I know someone has done this before but don't know who.
If you have done it too, please let me know in the comments and I'll link to you in the end of the post!
If you haven't done it already you can do it now and let me know later. I'll do it again!
Remember, it could be your husband, boyfriend, best friend, a friend or even a family member!! 

Olá Meninas, isto é uma "Rubrica"que a minha amiga Solange (do blog NailLacquerAddict) "começou há uns dias!

Eu sei que mais pessoas a fizeram mas não sei quem nem quem começou.

Se já a fizeste, conta-me nos comentários, deixa o link e eu ponho o link para o teu post no fim deste post! Se ainda não fizeste, experimenta e deixa aqui o link que eu acrescento no fim do post!
Lembrem-se.. pode ser o marido, o namorado, o melhor amigo, um amigo ou mesmo um membro da familia! 

Desta vez não vou traduzir para português porque foi originalmente escrito em Inglês e acho que, ao traduzir ia perder um pouco o significado. Se alguém tiver alguma dúvida especial, perguntem nos comentários que eu explico.

The Guy behind the NailPolish Girl

1. Please introduce yourself
Tiago, the Siamese twin.

2. Okay, that was easy-ish.  Now for some more probing questions.  What do you  think about the fact that your girlfriend/wife has a nail polish blog and is  obsessed with little bottles of happiness?

I don't have to think anything about it, but the truth is that I think that it is a great hobby (I'm really into collecting things myself too) and I really believe she is happy with it.

 3. What is your favorite color polish that your girlfriend/wife has worn?

 Any kind of red. I really wasn't fond of any specific color before her nail obsession besides any red color, preferably blood red. Now I can really appreciate other colors, especially if they go with the dress.

4. Do you happen to know the name of that polish or is it just a color to you?

  It really is just a color. They're too many to memorize and I really can't believe she knows a thousand different color names. (You know, with your fish-memory and all.)

5.  What's the craziest thing you've done for your girlfriend/wife in the name  of her polish obsession?

 Nothing much. She doesn't need anything crazy from me , and I don't think anything I did before is crazy. 
 The only things I have to do is drive her all around some places just to see some nail polish stores, or give her a nail-related gift on valentine’s day, something I wouldn't even think of doing some years ago.

6. What are the benefits, if any in your opinion, of having a girlfriend/wife  that has pretty hands and nails?

Having a girl that has pretty hands and nails. That's sexy and surprisingly uncommon. Yep, that's crazy too, I usually didn't check many girls' nails before you know?

7. What are the most annoying things, if any in your opinion, of having a  girlfriend/wife that has pretty hands and nails?  Please note, that it your  girlfriend/wife who is interviewing you.

 The obsession with perfection, the pain of a minor crack on the polish or a minimal nail problem becoming a nailsaster that will end (her) world.

 8. Other than nail polish, what cosmetic and/or fashion products do you like on  your girlfriend/wife?
Lip gloss. Red. Blood red lip gloss. And maybe a good eyeliner.

9. Here's your opportunity to win over the hearts and hands of hundreds of   girls: say something nice about your girlfriend/wife, referencing how her  polish blog has helped contribute to the general happiness of the world.   100 words or less, please.

Well hey... She is really trying to contribute to give the world a more appealing hand beauty!
I don't know if she is the best, that would be a really strange thing for me to know, but the one thing I know is that she is really really trying.
And I don't know about general world happiness, but she is happy and I think she likes her new girlfriends, one of them has even helped me with a transaction. (Thanks Traci!)

 10. Okay now that this is concluding, any last thoughts or comments you'd like your girlfriend/wife's readers to know about said girlfriend/wife?

Give her credit. She really puts work on her hobby.

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