21 Nov 2013

Nail Ideas & Prom Dresses

Even though proms are not as popular here in Portugal as they are in other countries, I know that a great deal of my loyal readers ( thank you !!) are from countries where Proms are a huge event in a teenager's life! As is usual, when I'm browsing the web for the new products to show you, I sometimes find great websites with different things that I know you might enjoy.
This time I found a website called UK Dresses ( 1dress.co.uk ) that is specialized in Prom Dresses and Wedding Dresses and I thought I should show you some Prom Dresses and some nail art and nail polish ideas to match the dresses! What do you think?

Everything that a girl wants to have is a sexy prom dresses and a perfect night. When I had my prom, I had my dress  costume-made, I had no idea of sites like UK Dresses that have great dresses at a very reasonable price. The most important thing, in a prom dress, for me, is to make the girl feel special, a princess. When I was going through the website I remembered I had a silk purple long dress with matching purple and black nails. I thought I should show you some dresses and matching nails!

There is some much to choose from in this website! When I first started searching I went right to the Long Prom Dresses UK page as they are classic, elegant and always gorgeous! There are literally one dress to every girl and one dress to make them feel special. This blue one caught my heart as it made me remember of OPI Keeping Suzy at Bay!

If your prom is in spring or the beginning of the Summer and you want something more fresh and cute, a Short Prom Dresses UK is always a great option. My prom was in March as was cold! From all that I've seem I loved this one and it looks great with this Mollon Pro Berth polish, don't you think?

For the bold ones there are a few geat ideas and this dress just doesn't pass unnoticed. Red Prom Dresses are probably the ones I'd go for if I had my prom tomorrow! This one is stunning and matches perfectly with Purple Professional Burning Passion!

The  most elegant dress  of them all. This shade is gorgeous and the details look perfect. This is both a princess and a queen dress and is featured in the Floor-length Prom Dresses section ! I loved it so much when I saw that I had to include it here and match it with my favorite polish of the month, OPI Haven't the Foggiest.

At my last suggestion for you girls is the cuttest one in the website! Pearl Pink Prom Dresses  are perfect for the more romantic ones, I considered this shade too, then opted for the purple. I loved matching this dress with Purple Professional It's Still Love.

pink prom nails

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! It was fun!
What was your prom dress like? Short, long? Light ? Dark?
Are you still looking for the perfect prom dress? Check out this website and let me know!


See you soon,