13 Nov 2014

Fashion November - Nail Polishes for Plus Sized Wedding Dresses #2 pickeddress

Like I promised here is the 2nd part of Fashion November and this is a special post dedicated to Plus Sized Dresses. Since I started with one website (http://www.pickeddress.com/) on the previews post, I'll stick with the same site and the same post model!
However I am going to go bold all the way and instead of pairing this gorgeous plus sized wedding dresses I am going to add bold and colorful manicures to go on with this pure white dresses! I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I know I will enjoy writing it!

My very favorite dress is Ball Gown Strapless Floor-length Embroidery Satin Wedding Dresses and it goes from size 2 to W24! How cool? The dress has a huge discount and ends up for less than 400 bucks. ow the dress is stunning! It has silver embroidery and it looks like it just popped up from a Disney Movie! I love it ! To match I chose a silver nail polish with a sand finish that will look perfect with the Embroidery. The Nail polish is by kinetics and is called Bali Escape by Leather and Sand collection.

Another gorgeous plus sized dress is this one called Ball Gown Sweetheart Sweep Train Beading Chiffon Satin Wedding Dresses and this is another fairy tale dress. It is also available in sizes until 24W and the satin waist band has several colors to chose from. As this is such a beautiful dress full of chiffon and satin I chose a gorgeous shimmery nail polish to go with it. I guess I never thougjt about Orly Ingenue to be a brides nail polish but it is perfect in all ways. The polish has a pink shimmer effect and even tho its beautiful it is also elegant.

The last but not the least I'm shoing you the top fairy tale dress, Disney wedding dress, fantastic fantasy dress that I found on pickedress website! This is just stunning! Its featery or something. The website calls it A-line Off-the-shoulder Court Train Beading Tulle Satin Wedding Dresses but I would call it Once Upon a Time There was a Happy Ending Wedding dress! LOL This is a medium prices dress but it is so fantastic and has such an amazing discount price that one just feels like jumping inside it! again this dress is available in sizes up until 24W!
I decided to match this fairy tale dress to a fairy tale nail polish and my choice was Purple Professional Crystal, from Precious Stones collection, a silver holographic nail polish. Perfect right?

So girls, this were my choices but the site has many more plus sized wedding dress choices as you can see here  http://www.pickeddress.com/plus-size-wedding-dresses-c_16/  .  As you can see the size of your dress is not a problem at all. You are marrying the man of your dreams and he loves your truly for who you are and in every way! Just pick a perfect dress to match the man and have you happy ever after. 

As I don't want anyone being left out, in the next theme post I'll be covering bridesmaides dresses! 

Have a great day,


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