25 Jan 2013

*M* Make up your Face Indie Guide Project]

Hi Girls & Boys!
I'm so happy to be back with another Indie Brand !
Today I'm presenting you Laura, from Make Up Your Face! 

Olá meninas & Meninos !!
Estou super feliz por hoje vos trazer mais uma marca Indie !
Hoje Apresento-vos a Laura, a criadora dos vernizes Make Up Your Face !

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For those who don't know what I am talking about (Follow me through Facebook to know a lot more!) I am making an Indie Guide A-Z! This will be a huge project and a enormous pleasure to do! So .. what am I going to do? Everyday, I'm going to show you a different brand of Indie Nail Polishes (and some of their major stockists too!! )
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UPDATE: Now YouPolish 

Your Name: Lauren Walker
Brand Name: Makeup Your Face

Where are you from? Kentucky

When have you started? I started making and selling mineral makeup in January of 2012. By early-mid 2012 I branched into nail polish and after testing for a few months, officially added nail polish in August.

Is there a story behind the name of your brand? I wanted something catchy and funny. People always say, “Make up your mind” so I thought ‘Makeup Your Face’ would be a cool name. It doesn't necessarily fit now that I also carry nail polish but I still like it!

Why the Name change?
I no longer carry makeup and have transitioned into nail polish, nail supplies, cuticle oils and lotions. I wanted a name that showed that I was all about the customer. I've done a lot of customs and I really like those the best. My tag line, 'unbottle your personality' is to show that you can bring your personality and what you're feeling out and wear it on your nails too. You're not boring, why should your nails be!

How many polishes/collections have you created? Overall about 40 and 27 are available right now.

Is there a special polish/collection? Why? I like all my polishes all the time at different times but I have to say that my current favorite is the Blogger 1.0 collection. I worked with a couple of girls who have become friends of mine who have supported me from the beginning to create their ‘perfect dream polish’. It was fun to see others creativity and styles come out in the polishes.

Where you a polish addicted before starting making polishes? I thought I was, but now I am even more! My collection has doubled from about 100 to 200 in just a few months and that’s not counting my own. I know there are tons out there though that have more than me.

Did you have a blog before making polishes or have you started one after? I didn't have a blog before. I have started one now but it’s mostly for me to review other polishes, posts nail art or just have fun.

Whats your favorite thing about making polishes? GLITTER! Mixing it together to get different looks and all the different kinds there are. The different shapes, the holographic to metallic to matte. I really like the way is all looks different but you can get it to work together to create something unique and beautiful.

Can you tell us a curious thing that has happened to you with some client or something funny? Nothing funny yet, but I do have quite a few people come to me for customs and that is one of my favorite things to do for my customers!

Is there anything you'd Like to share: I’m always looking to make a customer happy and going above and beyond. I want you to love my nail polish as much as I love creating it!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/muyf1



I loved this shredded iridescent glitter in one coat over purple professional nr 8.  
Dried super fast and the outcome is super sweet.

I Need Blue Tonight

Another simples and gorgeous glitter. This is a multisized white glitter over a blue gelly base. 

I applied it over two coats of Purple Professional Black nr18.

Pastel Lovers Paradise

A gorgeous combo of pastel small hexagonal glitter that work perfect both with light and bright colors! 
Over 3 coats of Purple Professional 33 milky white and over two coats of Purple Professional nr. 2 Pink. 

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Personal Notes from Betty:
Thank you so much Laura, for all your support in the project since the first moment you knew about the project! 
Girls, don't miss Laura's Creations and go check her pages.
Once again I  show my total support for Indie Makers and my full respect for their work.
I will not translate the interviews because words and meanings get lost in translation. I hope you understand. Please pm me or comment bellow if you have any doubts. 
If you are an Indie Maker and wont to participate in the project, please contact me through Facebook or email (blog.bettynails@gmail.com). You are still in time! 
Don't Forget to come tomorrow ! 

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 Please do comment, follow and share if  you liked, your feedback is very important to me and to all the girls that invested in this project!
Kisses & See you tomorrow !

Espero que tenham amado! o post de hoje!
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Beijocas e Até amanha!! 

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*pictures taken from Muf  Facebook Page with Lauren's Permission*

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