1 Apr 2014

10 Awesome Reasons why I'm closing the blog Tomorrow

SO... the day is here..I'm closing it tomorrow.. This is my last post..

  1. Not enough followers ( poucos seguidores)
  2. I hate the theme ( Odeio o tema!)
  3. No success at all ( Zero Sucesso !)
  4. Nobody Reads it! (Ninguém lê o Blog!)
  5. I'm tired of nail polish! (Estou farta de vernizes!) 
  6. I'm trimming down my nails (Vou cortar as unhas rentinhas..)
  7. I have no friends at all.. in the polish world... ( Não tenho amigos... no mundo dos vernizes..)
  8. I made no contacts with brands.. ( Não fiz contactos com marcas .. =/ )
  9. I'm bored of nailart and gel polish...(Estou aborrecida de naiart e verniz gel)
  10. I don't love my helmers anymore... (Já não amo os meus helmers...)

It's not You...
            It's me..

* Goodbye *

*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own and today is April's Fools! ahahah Blog will be here tomorrow*