10 Mar 2013

#Sunday Post - Questions Questions Questions (And some nails too)

Soooo last weird, my post with that sick little fellow got a huge amount of views! *Hmmm*
My readers are very very curious! I'm great today and I hope you all are too!

Lets see the weekly resume! 

This week I found Polyvore ! Its a very curious Social Network, dedicated to fashion and bloggers

And where you can make fashion & beauty collages like this one.

Here's my profile

I also got super cool nail mail:

Betty Boop Stamping Plates

And I did some late night experiments:

I also took a bit of time to organize my stamping plates:

I had some more nail mail, this time for the Indie Guide project:

Prihtee Paintz @Facebook @Etsy

I have a couple more surprises for you next week!
Stay tuned!