28 Jan 2013

Color Me Earth - Brand Presentation

Hello!! How are you?
Today I'm presenting you another brand!

Color Me Earth


Based out of Los Angeles, California, Color Me Earth Nail Lacquer uniquely merges the beauty of nail color with the beauty of earth. 

Inspired by the various climates, landscapes, flora and fauna of each continent and the bodies of water that separate them, Color Me Earth translates the planet’s wide array of colorful shades into nail polish hues, offering a range of earth tone neutrals to brights to darks and everywhere in between. 

Color Me Earth 20 introductory nail polish colors are intended to compliment the international rainbow of black, white, tan, yellow and bronze skin tones. Our more popular colors are:
  • Pomegranate – rich, crimson red
  • Brazzle – shimmery, metallic brown
  • Aubergine – opulent plum
  • Aurora – vibrant, shimmery green

Launched on Earth Day, Color Me Earth is cosmetics with a cause, donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations that rescue victims from sex trafficking and water relief efforts. 

As a health-conscious, vegan-friendly brand (not tested on animals and not containing any animal ingredients), Color Me Earth Nail Lacquer is fashionable and safe. 

All lacquers are free of toxic chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor which can still be found in some nail polishes today.

So have you heard about this bran?
 What do you think of it? 
Let me know!