18 Nov 2014

Fashion November - bridesmaid dresses australia #3

Hello lovelies ! How are you today? Like I promised you last week we are continuing with Fashion November . After the regular wedding dresses and the plus sized wedding dresses ( all from http://www.pickeddress.com/) I'm showing you bridesmaid dresses and the matching nails! bridesmaid deserve the spotlight too right ? 

Lets start with a classic ( but gorgeous) red dress, shall we? This one is called A-line Strapless Knee-length Pleats Taffeta bridesmaid Dresses and is less than 100€. This dress a beautiful taffeta fabric that looks like a shifter red nail polish. I love how the bottom looks like and how i can see it move! *_* The dress is knee high and very suiting for an afternoon wedding. I choose to match it with a red gel polish by Orly. The combo is beautiful! 

My next choice was this long gown gorgeous, perfect for a long roll of bridesmaid in a late night party after an afternoon wedding. Its just so chique and the color is so beautiful. The dress is called A-line Strapless Floor-length Ruched Elastic Woven Satin Bridesmaid Dresses and It is like a princess dress! Great outfit to weat at our best friend's wedding or a chique party, don't you think? I chose to pair it up with this gorgeous purple nail polish from Mollon Pro that belongs to the 'From Paris to Your Nails' collection. They match perfectly! 

Last but not the least I chose another beautiful, elegant, chique and very sober knee high dress. The dress has a dark green shade and a matte finish except for the underskirt and the belt that are made of soft and slighly shiny satin. The dress is called A-line Strapless Knee-length Sashes/Ribbons Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses and I find it perfect for winter parties! It just has a cold weather vibe to it, don't you think? I chose to pair this dress with a very shiny polish, Purple Professional Emerald from the precious stones collection. 

The best part about Bridesmaid Dresses Australia is that you can actually use them for other events and parties! They are very versatille! 

If you don't like any of my choices it's ok! The website has a lot more to offer for amazing prices. Just check out the Bridesmaid Dresses Australia tag ->  http://www.pickeddress.com/bridesmaid-dresses-c_29/. I will be making another post this month about wedding dresses so stay tuned! 

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