19 Nov 2014

ERRORS in - Disney Cinderella 2015 - Official Trailer is OUT!

Disney has redone my FAVORITE animation movie ever.
Finally the trailer is available!

Check it out HERE:

1. The pumpkin / carriage is not right

2. The 1st ball dress is not right and there is a nacklace missing!

3 - the dress color. C'mon!! The dress is WHITE! It's only blue under the moonlight when she is dancing with the prince! HELLO?

4- the fairy godmother - Is OLD and like a kind grandmother!!
I love Helen but the fairy is not young and fashion!!!!!!!!!!

SRSLY? PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!



The Original Cinderella

2015 Cinderella 

Disney's Cinderella Official Teaser Trailer

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  1. I can't say I like actors who play Cinderella nor prince (c'mon, I'll need sunglasses to look at those eyes/lenses/CGIwhatnots), but I can't wait to see Cate as evil stepmother and I think Helena will provide great comic relief.

  2. I'm quite apprehensive! I'll either love it too much or hate it! I love the slipper.. but... I don't like the small errors!

  3. É um dos meus contos preferidos e um dos meus desenhos animados preferidos. Mas o filme, mesmo sendo da Disney, é uma adaptação do conto, e não uma adaptação do desenho animado já criado pela Disney. Se formos a ver todos os filmes recriados pela Disney de contos que já foram também feitos em desenhos animados e os compararmos...não fazemos outra coisa ;)

    O filme parece que vai ser muito bonito, não ligues às diferenças. São diferenças, não erros. ;)

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  4. I don't think there are any problems or errors at all. It is a NEW adaptation of the tale, under the vision of a NEW director. It's not supposed to look exactly the same as the 1950's animated film (which I also love and have seen like a million times)

  5. perhaps , the producers want a different movie than the original .

  6. Nahhhh... I like 2015 Cinderella better than the old fashioned cartoon cinderella movies...

    Lily James has stolen my heart... She is so beautiful ... I see her so perfectly fit for this role

    At first i saw her just as an Ella... A young beautiful girl...

    But when she knocked the door and entered the ball room... She nailed me soo deep...

    I didnt see her as cinderella anymore... I saw her like a real princes... She was so addorable...

    The way she walked, the way she danced... I saw her as a real princes that i never seen before...

    She was so amazing...

    Two thumbs up for this movie

  7. hi!! You know.... since I wrote this post I have changed my mind a bit about the movie. Even tho I still love the classic cinderella movie by disney I have grown found of this one! I am in awe with the trailler =D