11 Nov 2014

BOOKS | What I have been reading

Hello lovelies, how are you? It's been a while since I gave you my updated in Book series so I'll make a quick note of what I have been reading. For grades purposes Grey's Series rates 5/5 and This Man Series does rate 5 too. 

After the last post I read Sylvia Day Crossfire series and Afterburn & Aftershock and I dare say that I loved Crossfire. Even tho there are rumors about it's similarities to 50 Shades of Grey, I found both books awesome and I might have even liked Crossfire a bit more (there is still one more book coming out for this series, lets wait). You can see Sylvia Day's work at goodreads here.
Crossfire Series rates 5/5 on my scale and Afterburn&Aftershock 4.5/5

I then proceeded to the Firelight novel that is more Fantasy meets romance and a bit far from the billionaire theme. This is a 4 book series by Sophie Jordan and it's about dragons and humans, forbidden love and those very cute things! Great series, for the Fantasy theme. 4.5/5 in Fantasy.Goodreads for Sophie Jordan here.

I also read Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy but I found the 1st book way better than the other two. Its a damaged boy meets student and drama drama drama. The first book is a 5/5 and the other two 4.5 each. Goodreads for the Author Sylvain Reynard here.

I also read Release by Rebecca Lynn, in the Iris series but I haven't read the other two books. This one is awesome, it's about a normal woman who is a widow and meets rich guy and drama drama *X-rated* drama. This is a 4.75/5 in my scale and I haven't read the other two books (release and revelation) because they are not about the same characters even tho it's the same universe, time and place. Goodreads for Rebecca Lynn here.

I also read Little Black Book and I loved it! This is about a troubled club owner who has a book with all the names of his lovers and conquer's. He puts them on his book and pays them to stay on call whenever he wants to use them. He never wants to know their names until he meets his Jessica . Here is the author's Tabatha V. and Melissa A. Goodreads. (4.75/5) 

I read Alpha and it's really good too! This is about a broke orphan young girl, struggling with debts and a young brother that starts receiving money anonymously. One day she is collected to pay her debt. 5/5 for me. Here is  Jasinda Wilder, the author, on Goodreads. (4.75/5) 

I am currently on the beginning of Blood and Roses Series by Callie Hart. I loved the 1st one (4.75/5) and will update you on the 6 books series later. Here is the Goodreads for the series. 

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