16 Sep 2014

LCN Nail Boost Open Box Video and 1st Impressions


Hii lovelies! How are you today?! A while ago I received the new LCN Nail Boost and I was so excited about it that I tried it right away! I made a video with the unboxing and my first try of LCN Nail Boost! Lets see!

Cucu princesas! Tudo bem?! Há pouco tempo recebi um set de produtos LCN, o conjunto Nail Boost. Fiz um pequeno video com a abertura da caixinha e a primeira utilização do produto! Vamos ver?

*brand info by the end of the post*

O Conjunto contém / Kit Contents
  • Forno LED LCN
  • Natural Nail boost gel
  • LCN Nail Buffer 120/120
  • Super Shine Finish Cleaner
  • LCN Glass File
  • Cleaner

Check out how to apply the nail boost gel:
Vejam aqui como aplicar o gel LCN Nail Boost:

Don't forget to change the video quality to 1080p HD if your device can handle that!
!Não se equeçam de alterar a qualidade do video 
para a qualidade máxima de 1080p HD para verem melhor as cores!!

My Thoughts / Primeiras impressões

This video was recorded around one week ago and until now I had not suffered anymore breaks. The Nail Boost Gel still holds without a chip and despite the fact that I have worn several nail polishes AND gel polishes during this week. The LCN nail boost gel does not seem to be affect by the pure acetone that I use to remove nail polish nor by the soak of method with foil that I use to remove gel polish.
Este video foi filmado há cerca de uma semana e desde que apliquei o LCN Nail Boost Gel nunca mais 

I will update you again in 1 week. Faço-vos um update do estado das unhas e do Nail Boost Gel daqui a uma semana. 

Application - As the video is in Portuguese, here is the review step-by-step:
 As you saw in the video the application is done very easily. If you cannot see the video here is a review on how to apply.

  • File down your nails to the desired shade and size.
  • Buff them with LCN Nail Buffer
  • Appy Cleaner to dehydrate and desinfect.
  • Apply 1 THIN coat of LCN Nail Boost Gel and cure for 1min on LED.
  • Apply 2nd coat of LCN Nail Boost Gel and cure for 1 min on LED.
  • Cleanse with LCN Super Shine Finish Cleaner. It's done, ENJOY!

UPDATE - End of September:

By the end of the month my nails were longer and stronger and so much more healthier! Check out how they looked like here: LCN Fantasy Collection Swacthes.No fim do mês de setembreo as minhas unhas estavam maiores, mais fortes e bem mais saudáveis! Vejam aqui no post em que faço Swatches da Colecção LCN Fantasty  como eslas ficaram 2 semanas depois! 

*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*
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  1. Hello, thank you for your posting, I have got this product and wondered how you got on with it with the soak off gels?

  2. Hi Maggie! It works with the sogp. I apply them and remove them and the nail boost holds! =D