24 Jun 2014

Flexifinger | Nail Trainer


Do you see this awesome thing? It's called Flexifinger! Wanna know more about it? Keep reading!

Já viram este acessório aqui? Tem bom aspecto? Chama-se Flexifinger e vai-nos ser MUITO útil! Querem saber mais sobre ele, continuem a ler :P

*brand info by the end of the post*

Product/Package Composition 

  • 1 Finger stand/support    
            •   1 Suporte de Flexifinger
  • 2 Flexifingers ( this is the composition of my kit, there are several kits with different prices. See bellow the link to the store).
            •  2 Flexifingers ( O meu pack tinha 2, há vários packs com vários preços, podem ver mais abaixo o link para a loja)
  • 4 Sample tips.
            •  4 Tips ( O flexifinger suporta qualquer tipo de tip).

Main AWESOME characteristics
  • Super realistic to the touch, feels like you are holding an actual finger.
  • Very flexible
  • Super easy to change tips and you can use any kind of tip
  • Strong Support frame
  • Perfect Size
  • Resistant to pure acetone
  • Resistant to filling
  • Perfect to trainnig acrylic extensions, gel extensions, gel repairs, nailart or any other kind of nail technique.

This is an Australian based brand and I have to say that Sharon, the owner, has made everything in her power to get this package to me. The 1st one was lost and she promptly sent me another one in express mail. This 2nd one arrived around 5-10 days later and got stuck in costumes for a couple more days until it was released as "silicone art" ! LOL
You will probably see this Flexifinger featured a little bit more around my Youtube Chanel as I will test gel and acrylic products on it. 

Check out a small Flexifinger demonstration video here

*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*