26 Feb 2014

TV Series of The Week #1 Star Crossed and Being Human

Vampires ( The Originals or others..), Werewolves and Cool Witches have pretty much invaded our series!

Apart from being a nail polish hoarder, I'm also a TV Series , Book and Movie maniac. I have already shown you the new #movies_of_the_week tag, the #Music_of_The_Week tag  and I am going to start the #TV_Series_Of_The_Week tag. 

Star Crossed - 2 Eps 

Star Crossed is a brand new TV Series and tells us a story of a 6 year old girl -  Emery Whitehill  - that harbors a 6 year old alien boy - Roman . The boy is taken away by Millitary forces and Emery thinks he is dead. 10 Years later their paths cross again as he is one of the 7 teenagers chosen to join an integration program between humans and Atrians.

At first it may look like an alien version of the usual teen drama plot with Human Girl Vs Werewolf/Vampire but I'll give it a shot!
6/10 on my tv series ranking.

Being Human - 4 Seasons

Being Human is a 2011 series that tells the story of a Vampire - Aidan Waite - played by  , a Werewolf -  Josh Levison played by n, and a Ghost -  Sally Malik  played by  , that live in the same house.

Everytime I think this series could not make me watch another ep, it just does! There are several twists in every season! 

Worth watching.
 Its a 7.0/10 on my tv series ranking.