14 Feb 2014

Party Dress Ideas for a Fairy Tale Romantic Valentines Day

Hello Lovelies, this is  the Valentine's day nail art resume for 2014 and also a last minute guide of some ideas to a very fancy valentines day look!

This is totally Fairytale inspired, ok? All the dresses are from JenJenHouse and the love inspired nailart are the ones I've been showing you all February month.  So if you had a last minute surprise invitation or if its almost dinner time and you still have no idea what to wear, here are some ideas! 

You can see all the valentines day posts from this year here and there will be a link to each brand when I mention them. 

Beige & White Nail art Ideas for Valentines Day
This two valentines nail art ideas were be done with Kinetics Nail Systems polishes. One has a Kinetics Nude base and the other one has a Portuguese polish as a base, Cliche White Sand and a Kinetics Glitter as a top, from the Holiday 2013 collection. 

Light Colors - Cute Nailart Ideas For Valentines Day 

This adorable princess pink dress has the lovely company of tree nail designs done with Purple Professional. Purple Professional is a Portuguese brand with lots of things you should check out. This year I've done 3 nail designs and they all match perfectly with this gorgeous light baby pink prom dress. 

Purple Nail Art Ideas - UV Gel Polish - Gel Nails 

Are you a gel nails? Do you know how to do your gel nails at home? Ever since I found out soak off gel polish I've been in love. If you use the correct brand, it will be be easy and fast to apply and remove and the best part is that it wont damage your nails. What is the best gel brand? Well... there are a few great brands ( and I obviously haven't tested them all..).
Mollon Pro is my favorite gel polish brand. It's best thing is the removal. Its so easy, I could almost say that is less messier than regular polish. The nails stay intact and undamaged.

Red Nails for Valentines Day

The red nails. Kind of cliché but you just can't go wrong with red nails on valentine's day! With or without nailart, you are free to chose. Red Valentines day nails always look amazing! 

White Nail Art Ideas

If you want something different from the typical here is your suggestion, just go with white and pink in an unconventional nail design. 

Happy Valentines Day