1 Nov 2013

This Month’s Website – Axara Paris


In today’s fast fashion world, we are bombed with thousands of new fashion websites every month. From those websites, only a few of them are attractive enough to catch our eye so that we actually take some time to browse it properly and check out their deals and products. As for me, my favorite websites are those that combine great products in quality, interest in content and a good and easy layout to follow. This month, one of the websites on my very small list of walk through websites was this clothing site called Axara. The main topic of this store is women’s fashion and has quite a lot of products to choose from. From tops to sneakers, there is a bit of everything for everyone. 

I must confess that every time I enter one of these websites, I am immediately drawn into the Coats or Jackets section. Jackets are one of those items I cannot get enough of and I am always on the lookout for a new, cuter or cooler version of something I already have! Besides, jackets are one of those items we always use!  My very favorite jacket (and item) from Axara is this jacket on the picture above. Do you like this kind of Jacket?  Because women’s clothing is not all about coats and jackets, this website has a couple other things that are suitable for every woman and very helpful too in a situation of need.


One other thing that I like to keep my eye out for are dresses.  I am always looking for a little black fancy dress and I am never completely satisfied.  This time I found one that is simple but not too simple and very cute and feminine! My favorite feature of the dress was that the shoulder area is very sexy and makes the dress unique and elegant. I might take a chance with it. What do you think of it (See 2nd picture)?

vestido preto

I really felt that the prices were great, taking in consideration the quality of the pieces available. Quality does not come cheap and Axara’s prices are not too exorbitant. Overall, I really liked the brand, their history and the website. Therefore, when you are browsing the website do not forget to check out their media profiles so that you can keep up with all the news and promotions ongoing. I hope you liked this as much as I did!