11 Oct 2013

Clothing for everyone

Finding the right dress for your shape and size can be a challenge. Despite the range of sizes that women encompass, many fashion designers have been slow to create clothing that looks good on all women. The key to finding the right dress for your body starts with understanding your shape and how it affects the clothes you select.


The apple shape is characterized by a larger midsection and small upper body and legs. If you are apple shaped, go for patterned tops that draw attention away from your midsection. Think animal prints and bold colors. Mid-rise jeans will prevent a muffin top effect, while belted skirts will camouflage a thicker waist.



The pear shape is one where the hips and thighs are rounder than the upper torso. Pear shaped women should go for darker bottoms. Black pants and dark jean washes are best used to disguise the rounded bottom shape.



 Hourglass shape is defined by shoulders and waists that are similar in size with a defined waistline. Form fitting jeans work best for hourglass shapes as do clingy tops. Lighter colored bottoms will accentuate the hips and legs.

Evening Wear

It can be a challenge to find evening wear that flatters every shape. When shopping for plus size evening dresses, go for v-necks, lace and A-line skirts. A wrap dress will disguise a larger stomach and draw the eye downward. Short skirts paired with high heels lengthen the leg and make you appear slimmer.

Finding the right clothes for your shape doesn't have to be a challenge. Find your fit today.