20 Oct 2013

Catrice Limited Edition [Press Release]

Roaring Twenties. The Golden Era is back.

The decade of change with its excessive parties, spectacular vaudeville revues, sensual burlesque dancers and stylish Hollywood icons is inspiring the lifestyle and fashion industry. Playful flapper dresses with elaborate sequins, glitter or feather trim in combination with opulent headdresses are conquering the catwalks. The Limited Edition “Feathers & Pearls” by CATRICE makes this glamorous fashion tangible from mid November to December 2013. Whether you are aiming for a touch of extravagance in your everyday life or going for a grand entrance at night – these limited products offer breathtaking highlights in elegant gold and silver, mysterious black as well as feminine red shades for your eyes, lips and nails. A lavish celebration – by CATRICE.

Eye Palette
More is more. The Eye Palette offers five eyeshadows, an innovative cake-eyeliner with pigments that are mixed with a moist brush and applied over the eyeshadow as well as a practical duo-applicator. Ranging from black to anthracite, silver, gold and crystal white – the pressed powder eyeshadows have a soft texture to ensure expressive looks and contain glitter pigments for a guaranteed glam factor. Available in C01 Hollywood’s Golden Age.

 Clear Brow Fixing Pen

Show Brow. Accurately shaped eyebrows in classic Hollywood style are easy to achieve with the Clear Brow Fixing Pen. The retractable pen with a slim mine has a transparent texture to set the tiniest hair in place without sticking. For a distinctive look and an ideal frame for gorgeous eye make-up.

 Lashes for Gold
Look at the Twenties. Extravagant lashes, arranged in attractive points; black as the darkest night with subtle golden applications. Combine this fabulous lash look with a soft water-wave hairstyle and a typical Charleston dress and let the lavish celebrations begin. Contains lash glue for simple application and optimal durability. 

Lash & Eye Sparkling Gel

Shine bright like a Diamond. The transparent texture of the Lash & Eye Sparkling Gel sets fascinating highlights on your lashes or the inner corners of your eyes. The shimmering glitter particles ensure a sparkling finish.

Skin Pearls

Perfect Pearls. Traditional pearls are treading new paths: the innovative Skin Pearls give everyone the opportunity to create their very own jewellery designs. Thanks to the self-adhesive transparent bands, the halved pearls can either be applied as a an individual highlight or in a decorative row similar to a bracelet.

  Roaring Lip Colour
Lady Chic. A semi-matt finish is the epitome of contemporary elegance. The classic colours in light pink and two shades of red as well as the creamy texture ensure a fabulous 1920’s look. 

Available in 

C01 Charleston’s Fame

 C02 Roaring Red 

 C03 Josephine’s Joy. 


Ultimate Nail Lacquer 

Charleston’s Colours. The Ultimate Nail Lacquers with the stylish cap in an Art Déco design not only look extremely elegant, they also offer ultimate longlasting texture and coverage as well as the most beautiful colours for the imminant festive season: silver, gold, pink, red and black – sometimes plain and sometimes with fine glitter pigments. 
Available in 
 C01 Flapper Style

 C02 Golden Twenties

 C03 Charleston’s Fame

 C04 Roaring Red 

C05 Running Wild

Nail Sequins

Shower of Gold. These elegant sequins unite the extravagance of the 1920’s with the ultimate nail design trend of the season: 3D. With a choice of festive gold or mysterious black, the sequins are applied on top of your nail polish while it’s still moist. You can either set targeted highlights or sprinkle a sufficient amount of sequins into the cap of the container and dip your freshly polished, still moist nail in it for gorgeous sequin nails. The perfect finish! 
Available in 
C01 Golden Twenties 

  C02 Running Wild.

“Feathers & Pearls” by CATRICE will be available in stores in November and Dezember 2013.