12 Oct 2013

Blogger Tips - TOP % Base Coats

What is a Base Coat

  • A base coat is a polish that you use before the polish. 
  • The main goal of base coats is to protect the nail from the nail polish pigments or components that may harm the nail.
  • The base will also make your polish last longer because it will make a bridge between the polish and the nail.
  • There are clear bases and milky bases.
  • Milky bases are usually ridge fillers. Because of their thicker consistency they will fill the ridges or small imperfections that nails might have. They are very useful for metallic or mirrored polishes. Some milky base coats can also be strengtheners and  bases with vitamins to help nails get healthier and stronger.
  •  Clear base coats are the most common and can be just regular clear, with vitamins, strengtheners, to help and accelerate growth  and  healers for yellow nails.  
  • They are available in all prices, since 1€ to 10€ (or a bit more). Not always the ones that are more expensive are the best and the worst are the lower prices ones. So.. keep testing until you find your favorite.

About base coats: 

  • Don't use a base coat just because its cheap! A cheap top coat can eventually be good, but don't use it before searching for some reviews first.
  • Have at least two good bases and alternate between them. The best would be to have a milky one (ridge filler) and a clear (strengthener) one.
  • Don't over use a base coat, I mean, If you have one you like, don't stick with it forever, every two weeks use your 2nd one. 
  • Always use thin coats and let it dry for a minute before applying the polish.
My Top #5 Base Coats:

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  1. Usei o Nani Shark e é sem duvida excelente, cumpre o que promete.



  2. Realmente o shark é maravilhoso! :D