25 Sep 2013

MoYou London Swatches - Suki Collection 01, 06 & Pro Collection 15

Press Sample

Hello Ladies!
Today I have this amazing set of 3 new MoYou London Stamping plates I was sent by Taly, the MoYou-London PR to show you!

I have mentioned it already, in a previous post, that the  MoYou-London  PR works great as they contact the bloggers a lot to share the news and ask for opinions. I was sent Suki Collection 01, Suki Collection 06, Pro Collection - 15. 

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The Plates and the Stamper

Suki Collection 01, Suki Collection 06, Pro Collection - 15

This stamper is extremely squishy and works fine! 


Note:  MoYou-London Suki Collection 06 has designs up to 2.2 cm x 1.6 cm. 


The back protection! Anti-Cuts! Amazing and super pretty! 

Now lets see the swatches and some detailed pictures!!

Suki Collection 01

* * *

 Suki Collection 06

 * * *

 Pro Collection - 15

I am in love with all the designs of this plates and I can't wait to start putting them on my nails!

Check out the  MoYou-London Press Releases here to see all the plates already available by the brand.

Do you own any   MoYou-London  Stamping plates? Let me know! 

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See you soon,