11 Sep 2013

MoYou New Release -More plates in Suki Collection [Press Release]

I'm pretty sure most of you have already at least heard about MoYou. This brand has been here for a while but has just revolutionized the nail art and stamp crazies world in the last couple of months. The brand started a couple months ago innovating in the stamping plates field and since then has released 11 Plates Collections and around 100 large rectangular stamping plates. The last innovation is a complete plate with a huge design filled with gorgeous patters ( like the ones down bellow). 

Next Friday MoYou is release more plates on the Suki collection! Here is a preview of 2 of them! They might also launch two more! Stay tunned!  I am in awe and I will need them both !

Don't you need them? I know I do!

Collections: Suki, Pro, Sailor, Rockstar, Tourist, Time Traveler, Kitty, Frenchy, Princess, Rebel, Artist. 

I would like to thank the Moyou PR for being always so kind in the personal messages to bloggers when sending the press releases. Makes our work worth it! Keep going like this! Thank you!

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