1 Sep 2013

CATRICE - Limited Edition - Arts Collection

Art Gallery
 unique elements of style and characteristic patterns from three different eras. The Limited Edition “Arts Collection” by CATRICE takes you on a journey through the history of art and pays homage to days gone by. Elaborate opulence, impressive effects and perfectly aligned colours honour the epochs of art nouveau, baroque and art deco. The spirit of each period is reflected in the corresponding unique make-up palette – available from October to November 2013 – and invites its wearer to a true vernissage of beauty. The current fashion shows are also experiencing a renaissance of the “more is more” attitude: richly embroidered robes, heavy brocade cloths and contrasting metallic elements adorn the inspiring designs. A new opulence – by CATRICE.

Arts Collection by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Three separately available Ultimate Nail Lacquers with an ultimate longlasting texture, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine complement the must-have boxes. The colour as well as the design of each nail polish bottle is perfectly aligned with the respective epoch and the trendiest colours of the coming Autumn/Winter season: glamorous pink, sensual green and elegant gold. 

Available in

 C01 Pinkroque

 C02 Forevergreen

 C03 Bronze-Deco

Arts Collection by CATRICE – Eye and Face Palette
Each artfully decorated “Arts Collection“ Eye and Face Palette contains: six powder eyeshadows with various effects, a blush shade for a fresh complexion, a highlighter for that extra special glow as well as black eyeliner and an applicator. The colour schemes of the eyeshadows range from rosé and rosewood shades to green and gold nuances to copper and anthracite tones. The design boxes have the look of a collector’s item and reflect the special characteristics of each era: playful ornaments for baroque, floral patterns and curvy contours for art nouveau and clearly defined geometric structures for art deco.

"Arts Collection" by CATRICE Sneak Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXCbWOg9Fg4

Check out the "Arts Collection" nail design at http://youtu.be/yc8gcKDyiBI.