27 Sep 2013

Blogger Tips - Swatching

#1 Swatch Kit

Have a mental list of everything you need or a small box with the essentials. If you missed something and remember it in the middle of the swatch you may ruin your nails and wast 5 mins in a cleanup and do-it-again!

My "kit" has: 
- Acetone
- Small jar for acetone
- Clean Up brush
- Oil Brush
- Oil Bottle
- Cotton Round Pads
- Fiber free wipes
-  Absorbent Paper for brush cleanup

- Base Coat
- Top Coat
- Polish

#2 Cuticles
Remember to always take a good care of your cuticles before a major swatching session! Apart from those, remember to use your cuticle remover 1-2 times a week and hydrate every day! 

#3 Light 

The natural light is the best one for photographs.  . You may photograph at night but try to have a white light and a single colored background! You'll see the pictures getting better! 

#4 Background

Avoid multicolored backgrounds! Why mono color background? The polish is color enough! Don't take away the focus from it! 

White background with artificial white lightening 
green background and natural sun light

#5 Cleanup

Have you finished and you think that its clean enough? Clean again! Macro shows everything and two extra minutes may get you pictures 1000 times better! Don't forget to hydrate with oil before the pictures!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Let me know if you have any doubts!

See you soon,

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  1. Very good miss B.
    Smart advises ;)

  2. Good reminder. I sometimes forget to get my cuticle oil or cleanup kit and end up messing up my nail polish while getting it.

  3. It happened to me so many many times :D

  4. Very good article! I can't agree more