2 Aug 2013

*T* The Polish Bar [Indie Guide Project]

Hi Girls & Boys!
I'm so happy to be back with another Indie Brand !
Today I'm presenting you Janice, the maker of the Polish Bar !

Olá meninas & Meninos !!
Estou super feliz por hoje vos trazer mais uma marca Indie !
Hoje Apresento-vos a Janice, criador dos The Polish Bar !

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For those who don't know what I am talking about (Follow me through Facebook to know a lot more!) I am making an Indie Guide A-Z! This will be a huge project and a enormous pleasure to do! So .. what am I going to do? Everyday, I'm going to show you a different brand of Indie Nail Polishes (and some of their major stockists too!! )
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Your Name: Janice Lovejoy
Brand Name: The Polish Bar

Where are you from? San Francisco, California
When have you started? March 201

Is there  a story behind the name of your brand?  There isn't really a story behind it but I have always dreamed of a store or "bar" full of indie polishes where I could go and try on polishes.  I guess that is where the name came from.

How many polishes/collections have you created?  My first release was just a few polishes.  Most of these have been discontinued now.  From there, I started releasing collections.  

My first full collection was the Color Play collection (summer 2012), then the Late Summer collection (late summer 2012), Halloween collection (fall 2012), Holiday 2012 collection (winter 2012), and my latest which is the Winter 2013 collection (just released two weeks ago).  

All in all, I think I have created about 35-40 polishes.

Is there a special polish/collection? Why?  I will always cherish my Color Play collection as it was my first cohesive collection.  Satellite and Ultraviolet will always be special as well.  They are two of my best sellers.

Where you a polish addicted before starting making polishes? Yes, definitely.  I started collecting polishes several years ago and got into indies in late 2011.  From there, I became interested in creating my own.

Did you have a blog before making polishes or have you started one after? No, I don't have a blog.

Whats your favorite thing about making polishes?  The glitter!  I really love playing with the different glitters and creating unique combinations.

Can you tell us a curious thing that has happened to you with some client or something funny? Sorry, I don't have anything for this one!

Is there anything you'd Like to share: Please support indie polishes and makers!

Blog: n/a

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Personal Notes from Betty:
Thank you Janice for want to be part of this project! 
Once again I  show my total support for Indie Makers and my full respect for their work.
I will not translate the interviews because words and meanings get lost in translation. I hope you understand. Please pm me or comment bellow if you have any doubts. If you are an Indie Maker and wont to participate in the project, please contact me through Facebook or email (blog.bettynails@gmail.com). You are still in time! 
Don't Forget to come tomorrow ! 

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*pictures taken from  The Polish Bar Facebook Page with Janice's Permission*

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