4 May 2013

*R* Ruby White Tips - Nelly's Blaze Custom Collection

Hello Ladies!
Today I'm bringing you another of Tania's polishes, a Custom from Ruby White Tips made for Nelly. 

Olá a tod@s!!
Hoje trago-vos mais um indie, mais um Ruby White Tips, o lindissimo e invulgar Nelly's Blaze.

Nelly's Blaze Custom Collection
This one is a glitter polish with  a  gelly finish  in an orange base and with a very subtle blue shimmer and blue glitters. Because its formula is has a very low pigmentation I applied it over purple professional nr 29, an orange with a great pigmentation. The Nelly's Blaze polish has a great brush and application was easy. I used 2 coats over PP29.
Eis um lindissimo glitter de cabamento gelly e repleto de um fino shimmer azul e alguns glitters azuis. Como a formula tem a pigmentação muito baixo apliquei 3 camadas sobre o purpleProfessional nr29. O Nelly's Blaze tem um optimo pincel e a aplicação foi bastante simples. 

*Jewelry from ClothingGloves, sent for review*

I hope you enjoyed today's post,