5 May 2013

Gelish - Hand & Nail Harmony at Expocosmética 2013

Hello ladies!
Last but not the least I'm showing you the last brand I went to visit at Expocosmetics 2013 at Exponor - Porto.
It was Gelish, by Hand & Nail Harmony, represented in Portugal and Spain by Verity Beauty (I've mentioned it here too).
I was received by the adorable Joana, the PR and by the sweet Pedro who guided me through the hole application process with an unbelievable care, attention and patience! I hope I can have a lot of more news for your soon!

Olá meninas!

Por ultimo e melhor surpresa da expo foi a Gelish Hand & Nail Harmony. Foi o último stand que visitei e onde estive mais tempo. A Gelish Hand & Nail Harmony  é representada em Portugal pela Verity Beauty ( que já mencionei aqui).

Fui recebida pela adorável Joana da Verity Beauty e pelo simpaticíssimo Pedro, da Gelish. O Pedro foi um amor e explicou-me detalhadamente o processo completo de aplicação da gama Soak Off da Gelish. As fotos abaixo foram tiradas durante a nossa animada e longa conversa ao fim do dia. Um muito obrigado ao Pedro, pela paciencia inesgotável e à Joana por ter promovido o encontro.

Espero trazer-vos muitas mais novidades em breve!

An Expo Video

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                                     Gelish Internationl  |  History  | World Locator

Product Information:

PH BOND is used in the preparation of the nail as a dehydrating step.  This product is essential in the proper preparation of the nail plate.  PHBOND can be used in all types of services including acrylic applications, gel nails, any nail adhesives and tip applications, as well as prior to any base coat or nail strengthener for optimal performance.

GELISH Foundation Base Gel creates the adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel products. This product secures adhesion while not damaging the natural nail plate. FOUNDATION will work with Hand & Nail Harmony GELISH products as a base for GELISH STRUCTURE or GELISH Soak Off Gel Polish. GELISH FOUNDATION cures in 10 seconds in a LED Light or 30 seconds in an UV Light.

 Gelish Color Gels. The gels come in an array of colors, apply like polish, with twist cap and applicator, but are cured in a LED lamp in 30 seconds or in two minutes in traditional UV lamps, just like gels. Gelish stays on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

GELISH TOP IT OFF Gel is a sealer top gel designed to create the ultimate finish with your GELISH Soak Off Gel Polish. TOP IT OFF creates a high shine that will not dull, chip or peel from the GELISH Soak Off Gel Polish. TOP IT OFF is a soak off gel product that can quickly be removed with Soak Off Gel Remover. GELISH TOP IT OFF cures in 30 seconds in a LED Light or 2 minutes in a UV Light.

GELISH Cleanser is designed special formulated to work with GELISH TOP IT OFF. Gelish Cleanser will assure a high shine finish without any tacky residue or without drying to the skin.

GELISH Soak Off Gel Remover is designed to remove GELISH Soak Off Gel Polish in minutes. Soak Off Gel Remover has conditioning additives that keep the skin from drying and maintain a healthy nail. GELISH Soak Off Gel Remover will remove the Soak Off Gel Polish with proper application in 10 minutes or less.

NOURISH rehydrates moisture in the cuticle and skin surrounding the nail. NOURISH 
is a unique blend of Grapeseed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sesame & Vitamin E. It is a versatile product that can be used in various services to restore essential oils. 

Gelish Wrap It Off Foil Wrap Removal System
Simple, easy & quick gel polish removal at your fingertips. Sturdy pieces of high-quality foil with a cotton pad adhered to the foil makes taking off gel polish quick and effortless.

GELISH STRUCTURE Clear Gel has the molecular structure that creates a thicker viscosity soak off gel for reinforcing strength, enhancing the nail or repairing a damaged nail plate. The STRUCTURE Gel is a clear soak off gel product that can quickly be removed with Soak Off Gel Remover. GELISH STRUCTURE cures in 30 seconds in a LED Light or 2 minutes in a UV Light.

VitaGel’s intensive soft gel formula is the most effective nail strengthening regimen yet. The micro-suspension technology stores molecules of Vitamin A, B5 and E within the exclusive gel formula for a continuous release of nutrients into the nail bed for up to 14 days. The combination of vitamins is specially formulated for the ongoing absorption of keratin into the nail plate.

Strengthens natural nail:
Protective layer prevents splits, chips and peeling
Increases flexibility
Enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E
Encourages healthy nail growth and flawless wear
Extends wear of any nail lacquer from 2-3 days to 7-10 days
Easy to apply and remove
Versatile wear. 
To strengthen, can be applied:
Alone, for a clear finish
Under any nail lacquer
Under any gel polish

 Authorized Distributors in Portugal 

Fisiobel - Lisboa e vale do Tejo, 

Naturdermo zona centro 

Carina Beauté -Algarve
Prices: Cores (IVA não incluído) 15ml - €29.35 9ml - €16.75

*Product Information and photos courtesy of Gelish Hand & Nail Harmony *
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  1. I've had the Gelish system for a couple of years & I love it! You put together a great description :)