11 May 2013

Gelish - Aurora & Candy Collections

Olá lindonas! 
Só mais um post hoje, pode ser? 
Tenho imensas colecções da Gelish para vos mostrar mas vou mostrando aos poucos. Hoje temos duas contrastantes! Uma mais dark e uma mais clarinha! 
Qual gostam mais?

Gelish - Collections
Hello ladies! Just one more post today ok?! :D
I have to more collections from Gelish to show you today. I am totally in love for the Magic of Aurora Collection! Its beyond gorgeous! What to you think? 

There is none of this colors that I might Say I don't like!
And you!?

Cute Pastels and Spring Colors! Don't we all love them? 

Any favorites?

See you tomorrow!

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