4 Apr 2013

*C* Cagebird Nail Lacquer [Indie Guide Project]

Hi Girls & Boys!

I'm so happy to be back with another Indie Brand !
Today I'm presenting you Sarah, the maker of Cagebird Nail Lacquers! 

Olá meninas & Meninos !!
Estou super feliz por hoje vos trazer mais uma marca Indie !
Hoje Apresento-vos a Sarah, a criadora dos Cagebird Nail Lacquer! 

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For those who don't know what I am talking about (Follow me through Facebook to know a lot more!) I am making an Indie Guide A-Z! This will be a huge project and a enormous pleasure to do! So .. what am I going to do? Everyday, I'm going to show you a different brand of Indie Nail Polishes (and some of their major stockists too!! )
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Your Name: Sarah

Brand Name: cagedbird nail lacquer

Where are you from? San Diego, CA

When have you started? July 2012

Is there a story behind the name of your brand? not so much a story as I like birds. I have a tattoo of seagulls. The name popped in my head one day.

How many polishes/collections have you created? I've created upwards of 40 shades, of that at least 20 have made it to the shop. The rest have been custom creations for customers, personal creations for gifts or shades that didn't work out. Sometimes the ones that don't work out are sold as one-offs in the shop.

Is there a special polish/collection? Why? The original four are very close to my heart (Faerie Carnival, Midnight In Paris, Sirena, Antoinette) as they were what I first created and opened with. Faerie Carnival has been a shop staple, while Midnight In Paris has just recently come back from reformulation. Sirena and Antoinette are currently undergoing their own reformulations and will be back in a few months.

Where you a polish addict before starting making polishes? I was very big into nail polish for a couple years before I started frankening my own colors. I started out with around 20 shades, and now I have close to 1,000. After about a year and a half of collecting, I started frankening, and then eventually creating my own shades from scratch.

Did you have a blog before making polishes or have you started one after? I have had a blog (pinchofpretty.com) for a couple years before I started my line, which mainly focused on cosmetics, and then started transitioning to nails and cosmetics. I try to post there when I can, but sometimes I am so busy with cagedbird I spend a lot of time focused on the brand instead of anything else.

Whats your favorite thing about making polishes? My favorite thing has to be dreaming up creations. I draw inspiration from everywhere- I have an inspiration pinterest, I have youtube videos that I've saved, magazine clippings, photographs etc. I love the creative process.

Can you tell us a curious thing that has happened to you with some client or something funny? A while back I had a giveaway and a winner had contacted me and told me theirs never arrived. I apologized and told them I'd resolve it for them after a week in case the post office had misdelivered it. After a week, the package turned up at my home- the person who had received it in error had actually repackaged and sent it back to me, with a note apologizing. I was very touched that this person took time (and money) to send something back. The winner eventually got her prize. I wish I could have sent a gift to the person who got the lost package! It was very curious and made me happy that there are good people out there.

Is there anything you'd Like to share: I'd love to invite everyone who reads to our facebook page. cagedbird thrives on the family there- those who share, comment and hang around. I love the regulars and I love seeing new faces, whether they've tried the line or not. (bonus that we do quite a few giveaways and coupons there).

Website: http://www.cagedbirdnl.com (under construction)
 instagram @cagedbirdnl

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Personal Notes from Betty:
Thank you so much Sarah, for supporting me and the Indie Guide Project and for being a part of it!! I do wish you the best of luck! Thank you! 
Once again I  show my total support for Indie Makers and my full respect for their work. I will not translate the interviews because words and meanings get lost in translation. I hope you understand. Please pm me or comment bellow if you have any doubts.  If you are an Indie Maker and wont to participate in the project, please contact me through Facebook or email (blog.bettynails@gmail.com). You are still in time! 
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