23 Mar 2013

*R Rosie Sparkle [Indie Guide Project]

Hi Girls & Boys!
I'm so happy to be back with another Indie Brand !
Today I'm presenting you Angie, the maker of Rosie Sparkle nail polishes ! 

Olá meninas & Meninos !!
Estou super feliz por hoje vos trazer mais uma marca Indie !
Hoje Apresento-vos a Angie, a criadora dos Rosie Sparkle !

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For those who don't know what I am talking about (Follow me through Facebook to know a lot more!) I am making an Indie Guide A-Z! This will be a huge project and a enormous pleasure to do! So .. what am I going to do? Everyday, I'm going to show you a different brand of Indie Nail Polishes (and some of their major stockists too!! )
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Your Name: Angie

Brand Name: Rosie Sparkle

Where are you from? A small suburb of Madison, Wisconsin

When have you started? I’ve been making polishes since I was in middle school, but I just opened my shop somewhere around a year ago.

Is there a story behind the name of your brand? The brand is named after one of my cats. When we first adopted her, we had planned on renaming her, as we already have a Rosie in the family. But then as we were about to leave the rescue, Rosie's foster mom (who happened to be a four-year-old girl) came up to us and informed us, "Her last name is Sparkle." So of course we had to keep the name, and it just seemed too perfect for a nail polish collection.

How many polishes/collections have you created? Way too many. I think I currently have about 10 collections listed on etsy, but I have so many other colors that I have a hard time choosing which to include.

Is there a special polish/collection? Why? My first collection as Rosie Sparkle is still my favorite. It’s called the Oppressed Princesses collection, and it’s kind of my take on all the Disney princesses. This collection is still my favorite because I like the colors, and I think the concept really fits my cynical personality.

Where you a polish addicted before starting making polishes? Oh hell yes. I have hundreds of polishes lining every bookcase and shelf in my house.

Did you have a blog before making polishes or have you started one after? I had a nail polish blog for probably six months or so before I started selling my own polishes. I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting more often, but being shy really doesn't help that.

Whats your favorite thing about making polishes? I love mixing colors. It’s so much fun just to see what happens when you mix different pigments. You don’t always get what you expect.

Can you tell us a curious thing that has happened to you with some client or something funny? It’s become a joke in my house that whenever I experiment with pigment colors, I always seem to end up with purple. Usually you get brown when you mix too many colors, but I never do. I always get purple. That’s not really very funny, but it’s kind of weird.

Is there anything you'd like to share: In addition to my Rosie Sparkle polishes, I also have a yarn and fiber shop called Little Alice’s Yarn Stash. It’s just another way for me to play with colors, only with this shop it’s yarn instead of nail polish. Of course, Alice is one of my other cats.


Domestic Bliss

This polish is a bliss to apply! I have already used it twice. 1 coat for full coverage, 2 coats for perfect texture. This is a blue based polish with red and golden shimmer. Around 3mins drying time.I loved this formula, not too thick or too thin! very pro! Good to go Angie!
Este verniz é de facto um mimo para aplicar. Já o usei duas vezes. Uma camada para opacidade total e duas para um acabamento perfeito. Um azul escuro como cor base repleto de um discreto shimmer vermelho e dourado. Incrívelmente bonito. Cerca de 3 mins de tempo de secagem. Adorei a fórmula também. Nem demasiado espessa nem demasiado fluida, parecia que estava a aplicar um verniz de marca cara! 

Modern Ladybug

This is a clear based top coat glitter filled with red,black and white small glitter reminding me of an actual ladybug. I applied only one coat of this glitter over Purple Professional nr. 21 as the glitter spreads very easily.

O verniz da joaninha! Um top coat glitter repleto de pequenos glitters vermelhos, brancos e pretos que de facto fizeram com que as minhas unhas parecessem joaninhas. Apliquei apenas uma camada do Modern Ladybug sobre o Purple Professional nr21 pois os glitters são bastante faceis de aplicar e espalham-se bem. 

Disco Honeybee

Here's an interesting polish ! It is very similar to the previous one but in shades of yellow, white and black and with much smaller glitters. I applied two coats of Honeybee over Kinetics Moss Party (review here). 
Eis um verniz muito interessante nesta colecção. Apesar de não ser um tom que agrade a todos é bastante divertido e fresco. A fórmula é bastante semelhante à do verniz anterior mas em tons de amarelo, branco e preto e com glitters de menores dimensões. Apliquei duas camadaas do Disco Honeybee sobre o Kinetics Moss Party  da Colecção Crazy Daizy. Review aqui


Illusion is another great polish. A very classic and elegant shade in a perfect formula just like Domestic Bliss. Two coats for full opacity, around 3mins drying time. 
Mais um optimo verniz com uma fórmula muito semelhante o primeiro que mostrei, Domestic Bliss. Um tom castanho achocolatado repletto de shimmer dourado com um acabamento bastante clássico e elegante. Duas camadas para opacidade total e cerca de 3 mins de tempo de secagem.

Dishonorable Mention 

This red is perfect and it is gorgeous! I was dazzled with it ! Two coats for full opacity, perfect application, 3mins drying time. Lasted intact the 3 days I wore it! I loved it! 
Eis um vermelho perfeito e lindissimo! Estive deslumbrada todo o tempo que o tive nas unhas. Manteve-se intacto durante os 3 dias que o usei. Duas camadas  para opacidade total e cerca de 3mins de tempo de secagem total. AMEI-O!

Personal Notes from Betty:
Thank you so much Angie, for being a part of this! I really appreciate your support!
Once again I  show my total support for Indie Makers and my full respect for their work. I will not translate the interviews because words and meanings get lost in translation. I hope you understand. Please pm me or comment bellow if you have any doubts. If you are an Indie Maker and wont to participate in the project, please contact me through Facebook or email (blog.bettynails@gmail.com). You are still in time! 
Don't Forget to come tomorrow ! 

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