14 Mar 2013

Glitter Guilty Pleasures BOX


About the Glitter Guilty Box:

-  Customers can sign up for the Glitter Guilty subscription on the website  www.glitterguilty.com !
-     Customers can cancel anytime!
-  The subscriptions purchased on the site also have a portion going to Grameen Foundation. Here's a link to the details: www.glitterguilty.com/how-it-works/ (The subscription will still be available via etsy for a limited time...)

- There is a  referral program for anyone that is a current subscriber---there's a place in the subscription form to enter a referral (if any). So for every two people someone refers, (if they are a current subscriber), It is  automatically sent a "thank you" package to them when their referrals' second months payment is made. 

Also, if you want to mention this promo, anyone that signs up for the subscription this month through the glitterguilty.comsite will also receive a free mini bottle of Seche Vite top coat in April's box as a "thank you" for their support as we get things rolling! Thanks so much again, and let me know if you have any questions!

- International customers can order polishes on my site, as well as the subscription...they just need to order the subscription through the "give a gift" link, so accurate shipping cost is added to their box order. :) 
-  The boxes ordered through the "Give a gift" link also don't have recurring charges.

Shipping prices:

the shipping for the monthly box is as follows:

 $15.99 + free shipping for US customers
$15.99 + $6.00 shipping for Canada customers
$15.99 + $9.00 shipping for everywhere else

Extra Info:

Costumers can inform GlitterGuilty about their preferences, in their costumer profile -  what colors they like and dislike, etc. 
So it's basically a custom polish just for you, according to your preferences. :) 

 You can get more details in the How it Works page and the FAQs page. 

 As far as pictures go, you can use any on my site, and there's a pic of the box on the How it 

There's also a giveaway going on on Glitter Guilty facebook page for the April box! :) www.facebook.com/GlitterGuilty

*pictures taken from Glitter Guilty Pagex with Jessica's Permission*