22 Dec 2012

3 Weeks Summary [Indie Guide Project]

I can't believe its been 3 weeks now!
So that you keep track of all the brands that have already come though this project here is the list so far!!

Thank you all that have been with me, suporting me and the project! Both my faithful readers and all the maker!! A huge thank you!

December 1st - Daily Lacquer

December 2nd - Treasures by Tan
December 3rd - Alter Ego Nail Enamel
December 4th - Rockstar Nails
December 5th - Rainbow Honey
December 7th - Pirate Polish
December 8th - Nostalgic Lacquer

December 9th - Serum nR5
December 10th - Dandy Nails
December 11th - Shimmer Polish
December 12th - Initial Lacquers
December 13th - Not too Polished
December 14th - Urban Lacquers

15th Dember . *2 weeks summary*
16th Dember . Kawaii Nail Lacquer
17th Dember . Fever Lacquer
18th Dember . Manglaze
19th Dember . Cameo Colours Lacquers
20th Dember . Girly Bits
21st Dember . Joyful Noise Cosmetics
22nd Dember . 3 weeks summary

I'll see you guys tomorrow with our first interview with a Stockist!! Love, Bárbara