28 Mar 2015

Mollon Pro Monophse Kira and Silver Drops


Hello lovelies! How are you today? Today I have a simple yet very glam manicure for you! I use one of the new Mollon Pro Monophase shades, this is n39, Kira and Pimped it up with Mollon Pro silver drops from the dazzling collection! See details below.

Cucu princesas! Hoje trago-vos uma manicure muito rápida e simples de fazer no entant cheia de brilho e glamour! Vamos ver?
Apliquei 2 camadas do Mollon Pro Monophase, n39, Kira, colecção de Inverno da linha Monophase da Mollon Pro. Como no fim o verniz fica sem goma apliquei 1 camada do Silver drops da colecção dazzling! =D 

Mollon Pro Monophase 39 Kira

Deep grey,  with a hint of blue. 2 coats.

Mollon Pro 201 Silver Drops - Dazzling Collection 

See below the complete Mollon Pro dazzling collection macros!

Mollon pro Silver Drops Macro:


*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*