1 Feb 2015

Essence CINDERELLA 2015 Collection PREVIEW


I'm so so so happy and so excited and so anxious to get my hands on this collection! I love Disney's Cinderella so much! I have watched and re-watched the trailers and previews of the new Disney's Cinderella 2015 so many times! At first I spotted some 'error's in the initial adaptation of the original Disney's Cinderella from 1950 but.. I have fallen deeply in love.. it is just another angle from the original movie...

I can't waiiiiiiiiiittttttttt ! 

Well.. back on topic LOL... Essence has just announce a Cinderella collection so I had to show it and I need it all yada yada yada... lets see!

A colecção e o filme mais aguardado do ano para mim! Sou uma fanática da versão animada de 1950 e sei cada linha de cor! Vi tanto tanto tanto que o meu 1º VHS ardeu! LOL A mãe teve que me comprar outro...

Confesso que quando saiu o primeiro trailer comecei logo a apontar as diferenças do Cinderella 2015 para o Cinderella 1950 mas depois de tanto trailer visto e de tanto tempo a rever... já me apaixonei.. não são erros.. são adaptações necessários.. conforme vão saindo novos teasers vou vendo que o Disney Cinderella 2015  até está bastante fiel à versão animada da Cinderella ( ou Gata Borralheira LOL) de 1950! 

Quando vi o lançamento da Essence fiquei doida! Há aqui uns quantos que necessito! <3

My Must-haves
essence Cinderella 2015 blush - 01 so this is love

 With this highly pigmented powder blush, your complexion gets a fresh new look. A gentle sweep on your cheeks is enough for a soft rouge touch! 

essence Cinderella 2015  eyeshadow palette 
 01 it's more than I ever hoped for

Five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a silky-soft texture in one palette. Mother-of-pearl, rose, purple, light and dark blue as well as gold will help you create eye make-up styles for any occasion. 

essence Cinderella 2015  highlighter  01 the glass slipper. 

 Create soft, rose shimmer accents on your face and neckline with the highlighter powder - the ultimate item for a radiant complexion.

essence Cinderella 2015 nail stickers 

These cute nail stickers are inspired by popular Disney cartoon classics and are available in two styles – before and after the fairy godmother’s big transformation! 

Available in 
01 the stroke of midnight 
 02 it's more than i ever hoped for.

The Adorables (also needed)

essence Cinderella 2015 glitter topper the glass slipper. 

A sparkling top coat with silver flakes and iridescent glitter in purple and blue creates awesome effects on your nails. Simply apply on top of your favorite polish or on your natural nail for added sparkle!

essence Cinderella  2015  nail polish

Introducing four exciting nail colours with two different effects! Rose and purple provide nails with a smooth porcelain finish while blue and gold offer a cool metallic effect.

01 sing, sweet nightingale
02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
 03 prince charming 
04 watch out lady tremaine! 

essence Cinderella 2015  lipgloss 

Two new lipglosses in a romantic pastel rose and daring bright red which combine iridescent glitter particles to make lips sparkle. 

 01 sing, sweet nightingale and 
02 so this is love. 

essence ‘Cinderella’ will be available in stores in March 2015**.
PS: Já perguntei ao distribuidor Português se vai ter esta colecção, faço update deste post assim que souber!