17 Dec 2014

Promtimes Dresses & Nailart Ideas for NEW YEAR

Hello lovelies, how are you today? Christmas is almost here and after it the night of the year! New Years Eve! Obviously we all need o look fabulous on that special night (and in all nights and days right?). So let me help you out with some ideas and suggestions for some holliday outfits and matching +nailart ideas! But no any nail art! Bling nails to match the +fireworks! Lets see? All the beautiful dresses are from Promtimes ( http://www.promtimes.co.uk/ ) and the nails were shown on previous posts!

Lets start with red! Nothing can make a woman stand out in a crowd like a red dress and why not red blingy nails? This is the Mini red cocktail dress and it is super affordable! The website also has free shipping so ahead and shop like crazy! What I love the most about the dress are the details on the top portion! Gorgeous! You can look for more details here  http://www.promtimes.co.uk/cd0413.html and let me know if you buy it! =D

Lets go to the royal blue color! This is a dress worthy of a princess right? I'm in love with it! Its so elegant and royal! I love the corset filled with rhinestones so I matched it with this blue nails also super blingy! The dress is called Sleeveless Floor-length and you can find more details and colors here http://www.promtimes.co.uk/pd0210.html . What is your favorite thing about it? 

Onto the funny and very fresh long purple dress! This is a super juvial dress but still worthy of a very elegant cocktail! Super apropriate for young girls on their first new years eve party! Check it out here at Sweetheart Sleeveless Dress - http://www.promtimes.co.uk/cd1324.html . Like the others it is super affordable and adorable! I always end up chosing the ones with cute upper parts! I matched this one with a purple princess nailart manicure filled with pink, purple and clear rhinestones! 

The last but not the least, the obvious and mandatory black dress http://www.promtimes.co.uk/cd0639.html filled with seduction and promises! I love the dress so much that I matched it with a simple nail polish! I chose chasing cars, by crazy polish lady, a Portuguese Indie Nail Polish brand! The dress has a simple body shaped cut and the fabric is similar to black velvet. Yet again, the top part of the dress is stunning, don't you think? 

I hope you enjoyed both my dress choices and manicure choices! Let me know what do you think and if you end up buying any of them let me know! I'd love to see!

Happy shopping and happy hollidays! 

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