9 Oct 2014

Nail'd It - Season 1 Episode 1 (Pilot) [Complete Ep]

Have you seen the pilot episode of Nail'd It ?

Season 1 Episode 1 (Pilot) 

Well... Classic is a bit over the top but I love her nails! My favorites indeed!
God I hate duck nails! Argh!
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  1. This was painful for me to watch. Actually to listen because of one contestant's and host's whiny nasal voices.
    I'm sorry LaToya lost and I'm looking forward to seeing what Robert Nguyen will come up with. Julie Ventura also has some pretty designs and I hope she'll be able to show her skills.

  2. Ohh I hated the host's voice! Buttt as painful as it might be I am looking forward to the next ones! :p