21 Jun 2014

ORLY | French Manicure Kit [Review]


Hello lovelies, how are you? Today I have a special post to share with you! I'm showing you ORLY The Original French Manicure kit. I have a simple explanation on how it works here, on the blog and a detailed one in a video! Hope you like it! ;)

Cucu! Hoje tenho um post diferente!  A Orly enviou-me um Kit delicioso para manicure francesa, o ORLY Original French Manicure Kit. Tenho aqui em baixo os items que compõem o kit e um video com como aplicar. Desde já peço desculpa pelo tamanho do video! :p

*brand info by the end of the post*

" For Over 30 Years, the ORLY Original French Manicure has prevailed as the ultimate in nail chic. From day job to dance floor, first date to wedding day, hip to haute couture - French is the ultimate accessory. Jeff Pink, ORLY Founder and beauty innovator, created this versatile style to complement a Hollywood star's entire onset wardrobe. The look was then introduced on the runways of Paris where it became an overnight sensation. Voilà ! Instant fashion classic."

The Kit Contains     |     Composição do Kit

Orly Bounder 7.5 mL
Orly French Manicure Rose Tone 7.5 mL
Orly French Manicure White Tips  7.5 mL
Orly In a Snap 7.5 mL
Orly French Manicure - French tip guides

Here are the complete nails! 

 The manicure is very easy to to!
O kit ajuda imenso e a manicure é muito fácil de elaborar! Vamos ver os passos?

| STEPS | 

Apply one coat of base -  Bounder           |    Aplicar 1 camada de Bounder
Apply one coat of color - Rose Tone        |    Aplicar 1 camada da cor neutra Rose tone
Let it dry for 5 mins                               |    Deixar secar muito bem - 5mins
Apply French Guide                               |    Aplicar o guia para ponta francesa
Apply 1st coat of white tips                   |    Aplicar a 1ª camada do verniz branco
Apply 2nd coat of white tips                  |    Aplicar a 2ª camada do verniz branco na ponta
Remove french tip guide                       |    Remover a guia de francesa
 Let it dry for 3 mins                             |    Deixar secar 3 mins               
Apply In A Snap Top Coat to finish          |    Aplicar In a Snap! para selar a manicure



*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*
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