31 May 2014

Missp Red and Neons 24 to 32


Missp has 9 red shades that include pure reds, oranges and bright orange neons! I have been showing you missp posts for a while and after the 1 to 23 swatches post, this one is all about neon! 

A missp tem 37 tons sendo que os números 24 a 32 são neons, laranjas e avermelhados. Tenho-vos mostrado vários posts da missp e depois do post com os swatches missp do 1 ao 23 mostro-vos os neons!

*brand info by the end of the post*

Neon shades take 3 coats for full opacity. I do recomend that you apply a 1st very thin coat and let it dry before applying the 2nd. Same waiting time and then the 3rs. The neons dry in around 6 mins without top coat. Creams dry in 4-5mins and ultry shinny! 

Os tons neons necessitam de 3 camadas para opacidade total. Eu recomendo que apliquem uma primeira camada fina e a deixem secar 1 minuto antes de aplicar a 2a camada. Repetir o processo até terminar a 3a camada. Os neons secam em cerca de 6 mins e os cremosos em 4-5mins com um acabamento super brilhante. 

missp 24 - Sunrise
missp 25 - Happiness
missp 26 - Pacific
missp 27 - Funny

 missp 28 - Love affair
 missp 29 - Passion
 missp 30 - Candyland
 missp 31 - Hollywood  - *PERSONAL FAVORITE*
 missp 32 Seduction 


*the products on this post were sent by the brand for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

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