12 Apr 2014

missp Spring & Easter Nailart

Hello lovelies, good morning! How are you ? Today I have a quick nailart post for you with a previewsly reviewd  missp nail polish. It is almost Easter and already in the spirit of Easter, here is a nailart. 
Cucu! Hoje trago-vos um  post rápido com a primeira nailart inspirada na Páscoa.

*brand info by the end of the post*

For This nailart I used and combined several colors. The base color is the already reviews missp 1 Hope. The neon gliters on some nails were achieved with one coat of Yes Love Neon Glitter G1-4. The black dots were made with Purple Professional #18 and the roses with missp 19 Kiss.
Para esta nailart foi usado como cor base o missp #1 Hope. Os glitters neon foram aplicados numa camada do Yes Love G1-4. O preto usado para o pontilhado é o Purple Professional #18 e o rosa utilizado para as rosas foi o missp 19-Kiss.


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