3 Mar 2014

Movies of the Week #2 - Disney's Frozen & Saving Mr Banks

I hope you are enjoying this new #Movies_Of_The_Week tag ! Are you??
This week I have 4 new movies! Quite different themes and I do recommend all of them!

Disney's Frozen - Animation

IMDB score 7/10
My Score 7/ 10
Main Actors
Kristen Bell ... Anna (voice); Idina Menzel ... Elsa (voice), Jonathan Groff ... Kristoff (voice), Josh Gad ... Olaf (voice)

I've been meaning to see this movie for such a long long time and I loved it! Typical Disney magic!

The right kind of wrong - Romatic Comedy
IMDB score 6.2/10
My Score 5/ 10 - Sunday afternoon romantic comedy. Funny, no big deal. Great sceneries though!
Main Actors
Ryan Kwanten as  Leo Palamino - Also Known as Jason from True Blood.
 Sara Canning as Colette - Also Known as Aunt Jane from The Vampire Diaries

Disney's Saving Mr Banks - Based in Real Events / Historical / Drama

I really loved knowing more about P.L. Travers. Historical but still magical. Very Disney with a very god Mr. Disney!

IMDB score 7.8/10
My Score 7/ 10
Main Actors

Emma Thompson . as .. P.L. Travers
 Tom Hanks ... as Walt Disney

The Book Thieve - War Drama
A war drama centered on a small German village during World War II. Very interesting and  quite touching.

IMDB score 7.7/10
My Score 7/ 10
Main Actors

Roger Allam ...  as Narrator / Death (voice)
 Sophie Nélisse ...  as Liesel Meminger