13 Nov 2013

MoYou-London - Explorer Collection [NEWS]


MoYou-London has just launched a new collection! This Time is MoYou Explorer and features 6 new plates! Lets see?
A MoYou-London acabou de lançar uma nova colecção! Desta vez chama-se MoYou Explorer Collection e tem 6 plaquinhas alusivas ao tema! Vamos ver?

These plates will be available on the site this coming Friday on the 15th of November. They will be marked as Pre Sale > and will be shipped on the first week of December. This collection will have many more plates added to it in the near future. In addition, all XL images (1.5cm on 2cm) will be soon available in our regular 1.2cm on 1.5cm size. 

The Plates

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