10 Nov 2013

About Fashion Dresses

With fall and winter holidays approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to put on your fanciest outfit. Sequins, jeweled fabrics, silks and furs are all in fashion for the upcoming party season. Here are some guidelines for what to wear to your special event.

Thanksgiving Dinner
If you’re a guest in someone’s home, it’s best to check with your hostess. Don’t show up in a cocktail dress while everyone else is in jeans. Add sparkle to a basic dress by adding a sequined jacket or sweater, crystal earrings or bracelet or a fancy watch. For cool weather, choose a stylish fur coat or jacket.

Office Parties
Holiday parties are usually the time to dress your fanciest. Browse through selections of cocktail and evening dresses at your local boutique or department store. To avoid looking like everyone else, shop for dresses online where you can find a greater variety of styles, sizes and prices. Go all out with diamond earrings, necklaces or rings. Add a satin evening bag and a stunning pair of dressy dancing shoes.

Christmas Eve Parties
Velvets are perfect for Christmas especially in all shades of red from bright berry to deep wine or burgundy. Choose a flattering strapless or low cut back style, or an elegant long sleeved sheath. Don’t just stick to traditional red and green. Any jewel toned fabric including satin, chiffon or even suede or leather look great when paired with the right accessories. Take tons of photos for great memories.