29 Oct 2013

About Perfumes

 Calvin Klein Fragrances

Calvin Klein is without a doubt one name that almost needs no presentation at all! However, Calvin Klein is a symbol of effort, work, perseverance, strength and unique fashion. A pioneer on fashion advertising and fashion unique accessories, like perfumes, Calvin Klein Perfumes line is currently one of the most stylish perfume lines worldwide. Among the most famous Calvin Klein Colognes there are a few that are almost a necessity in every men’s collection. 


The favorite fragrances amongst both man and woman is Calvin Klein Euphoria and CK Eternity, probably the most famous items from the CK line.  CK Euphoria Cologne is an intense perfume that combines exotic fruity scents with oriental fragrances. Calvin Klein Eternity is a much lighter perfume filled fresh and manly scents such as wood and musk combined to produce an irresistible elixir of power.