29 Sep 2013

Thoughts on Engagement Rings

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, and a proposal is often envisioned to be just as marvelous. A lot of people have taken it upon themselves to come up with charming and inventive ways to propose to their loves, but there are still traditions that the majority observe.

An engagement ring, for example, is a very common way to usher a wedding proposal into being. Diamond rings are the most popular and iconic symbol of marriage, but there are other options available as well. Wooden rings have become popular in recent years, and some rings are even made from the bark of endangered trees, as part of an environmental protection plan.

The bark used in such rings is so little that it doesn't harm the trees, and a portion of the profits go back to saving forests. Other rings may feature beautiful stones of all manner of colors and shapes, and some people even seek to have their rings tattooed on. Tattoos are permanent, as marriage is intended to be, and because they can be designed in any way, it's become a modern and chic idea for couples to embrace.

However, no symbol has held on quite as strongly as the diamond ring, but diamonds are so expensive that a lot of people find it difficult to get the perfect ring for their lover. Instead of shopping in a boutique, you can find affordable diamond engagement rings at SkydellDesign.com. Doing your shopping online is bound to yield more positive results that are cheaper.

Last week I me and my boyfriend engaged on a discussion slash conversation about engagement rings! I already have a costume made of similar to one I've seen in a movie but for the sake of argument we went on on thoughts about expensive rings vs a trip or wedding party. 

Later on the week I went on and did some research of my own and found a couple websites specialized on this products and I ended up finding this affordable diamond engagement rings at SkydellDesign.com. The website looked very organized from the start and one of the things I liked most was the shape option right on the first page. 
They also have a budget search option that is super helpful if you know what you want to spend. Other options to shop by category include by  carat weight and type of ring. They also have a pendent category and heart category. 

Other things I noticed and found very helpful (well Its true costumers are spending a lot of money) is that they have 24/7 support and Free Overnight shipping for wedding emergencies! On the Promotions section they have a small range of discounted products that may come in handy if you want to save some bucks! 

About them they state that  Skydell Design offers high-quality service in a friendly, approachable manner. Click here to learn more about us and dedicated staff".  Other pros include the Size Guide that is always helpful, you don't want to get THIS wrong LOL! Major failure! 

Here is also a contact link if you want to discuss any issues!


In the end, my side of the debate was that even tho logically a girl know that there are 

better places to invest the ring money, a piece of diamond is always a 

piece of diamond a worth it every time!

And you? Ring or no ring? 

I hope you enjoyed today's post,

See you soon,