22 Sep 2013

Launching I Love Nail Polish Clothing - Teespring

Hello Ladies!

Limited Ed. - I Love Nail Polish Line
Tank top -12$ , T-Shirt - 15$
*Worldwide shipping*

What do You Think!? Do you like them?
 Would you get one? 

I have another cool website for you! This is Teespring Website and has an awesome concept! 

Check out the basics in this video Bellow. 

I am considering launching a project of my own! This is way to cool! *Stay Tuned* 

The website basically consists in designing a t-shirt and start selling it without the harassment of having to pay upfront !

  You set a goal number o t-shirts and an end date for the campaign. Buyers reserve it and 14-18 days after the end date, if the goal number is met, the t-shirts will start being shipped to the buyers! 

If the goal is not met, the buyers will all be refunded! 

This site is perfect! You don't lose any money and everybody gets a profit! I do approve it a lot and will use it eventually for sure! 

What are your thoughts on this website? And the t-shirts? Are they appealing?
Would you buy one?

Let me know!