7 Sep 2013

Different Ideas!

We bloggers know how many hours we spend on our chairs, swatching, editing pictures, writing reviews and browsing new brand,s new collections, new everything while we read the newest reviews by our fellow blogger. We are very very curious beings and if you too, are a blogger you get me. If you are not a blogger and are still reading this  you have to get me too!
Os bloggers sabem perfeitamente que muitas muitas horas são passadas sentadas a uma secretária... ler reviews, anotar vernizes, anotar opiniões, fazer infinitos swatches, tirar fotos, editar fotos, escrever mais review, ler blogs de outras bloggers e ler ler ler, ler muito, procurar novas colecções, novas marcas.. sempre em busca de mais novidades. 

Therefore here is something for us! I found out this website that makes us, by order, self adjusted desks and office furniture. They also have a gallery with some cool and very different ideas. 

About them

For nearly two decades the concept of ergonomic furniture, tools and other human-used items has become increasingly main stream. In simple terms, ergonomics is the science of evaluating and responding in design to the interaction of humans and other elements in a system. Of course, in the standard office environment that system is the collection of equipment and furniture used by employees and staff. As the benefits to this form of design have become more observable and practical, this specially-designed furniture shows up in offices on an ever-more frequent basis. Innovative pieces such as electronic adjustable height desks from Multi Table are changing how employees work and the expectations they have for their offices and equipment. Anyone who is forced to sit in a chair for eight hours or more a day, five days a week, quickly notices the difference in these modern chairs and desks. Importantly for employers, the move to ergonomics has a strong financial justification. At the root of success for most companies is the productivity of their employees. Even small increases in this metric often mean a major impact on profitability. The fact that there is an economic justification for these items is one reason they are becoming the standard in many firms. Another source of long-term economic savings comes in the area of workmen’s compensation and other claims. The use of such items as ergonomic chairs and desks can significantly decrease the incidence of carpal syndrome and other work-related issues that plague many office personnel. "

So, let me know, what do you think about personalized furniture? 
Not only desks but chairs and others? I'd love a supersized helmer! 

See you soon,