29 Sep 2013

Despite the end of Summer ..

It is important to acquire wardrobe pieces that will serve dual roles and that provide versatility to those wearing them. For instance, contemporary swimsuits and bikinis can be both functional at the beach, and fashionable out of the water. The ability to re-purpose swimsuits and bikini tops into underpinnings and accent apparel, makes purchasing high quality and stylish swimsuits a prudent wardrobe investment.

There are some designers and name Brands that have heard the request for durable and versatile pieces that will serve numerous functions. But Keeney tops are designed with style and comfort, with attention being paid to construction and support issues that may extend where from the beach to the club. Some online swimsuit retailers are offering inventive and quality pieces to mix and match with current closet staples while expanding a few acquired new seasonal garments into a well rounded and exciting wardrobe. For instance, the colorful fringe bikinis from elitefashionswimwear.com, offers a wide range of ensembles and pairings for a variety of summer looks and your round accessorizing.

When buying bikinis from unfamiliar merchants or online retailers, refer to printed sizing information that could be site-specific and that could alter the fit, making items less comfortable or practical. Rather than speculate, take precise measurements and consider features such as support, padding, and secure closures when considering multi-purpose bikini purchases.

Also consider the materials, fabrics, and texture of bikini pieces or one- piece style swimsuits; simple shapes and designs are elevated by unexpected and inventive textile choices. For example, suede or velour suits may not be as practical for the beach, however may be an alluring, comfortable partner for jeans or a cute skirt, that fast becomes the closet's "go-to" garment. However, don't consider such purchases as moot during unseasonable or non-swimsuit weather; bikini tops are the ideal complement two an off-the-shoulder blouse or slouchy sweater any time. Skirts will be less mandated to be worn with slips and hose when paring with supportive bikini bottoms in coordinating colors.

It is easy to see why fashionable and well-made swimsuits and bikinis are prudent, style investments that will yield a high return to the consumer purchasing them. When shoppers keep an eye on classic styles, inventive detailing, and quality craftsmanship, they can't go wrong in their buying choices. Depending on the individual's personal style and preferences, there is a wide array of available I tems from online venues to augment and expand existing wardrobes in an innovative way.

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