28 Aug 2013

EDGY POLISH Store - Indie Guide Project - Stockists

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Today I have this amazing store to show you all owned by a very very dear person, Katarina!  It will be a great surprise for my dear European Readers as this is an European Store!! I'm also working on a ""Little"" surprise for you all! I hope you enjoy the following post.
Hoje trago-vos esta deliciosa loja online, gerida pela adoravel Katarina! Vai ser uma optima surpresa para as meninas Portuguesas pois esta loja é Europeia!! Menos portes!! Yayyy! Estou também a preparar-vos uma "Pequena" supresa extra! Espero que gostem do post!

Store Name: Edgy Polish

Your Name: Katarina Bendz Hansson

Where are you from? The south of Sweden, a town called Malmö.

When have you started? I opened up the shop April 26th, after three months of intense preparations.

Is there a story behind the name of your store? No not really, I was thinking about a good name and the word "Edgy" came up in my mind pretty quick. I was looking for a name that in one word would describe the polish I wanted to sell.

How many brands are you know working with? For the moment I stock 28 wonderful brands, most of them indie, but I have at least two more coming in very soon.

Do you have a best seller product or brand? Actually, I am happy that all the brands sell pretty well, but of course some sell better than others. Darling Diva Polish, Oopsie Daisies and Smitten Polish are very popular brands. As for the products the number one so far is "Pink Lemonade II" from Smitten Polish, second is "Expecto Patronum" from Dollish Polish. I have also sold lots of the two great products from Nail Pattern Boldness, the "Glitter A-Peel base coat" and the "Glitter Food top coat".

Do you usually have promotions or events? In Sweden the regulations about events as giveaways are very restricted in the lottery law. As a shop you may not just give something away without arranging some kind of a competition, where you can pick a winner through the result. Lotteries are forbidden. So it´s not so easy to arrange, it takes some planning. So far, I´ve only had a "Best Swatches competition", which was lots of fun! My idea is to pay attention to the Swedish national holidays and offer discounts to celebrate, like I did at the Midsummer weekend and at the Swedish National Day. I think it´s fun for my Swedish customers and hopefully it´s also interesting for my international customers to learn more about Sweden that way.

Where you a polish addicted before starting the store? Well, I have always loved nail polish and make up, maybe not at the addicted stage, but I like buying quite a lot. About half a year before I started up Edgy Polish, one of my "polish crazy" friends introduced me to the indie brands world on Etsy, which I really didn´t know existed! I began to shop at places like Llarowe, Harlow & co and Mei Mei Signatures and loved the products! Since I dreamt about starting my own business for a long time , the idea of selling these wounderful products in a Swedish webshop came to my mind quite quickly! Even if the European rules in cosmetics import are quite complicated, I really love doing this! The wonderful indie brands, and the lovely creators behind them, are really worth getting more attention in this part of the world.

Did you have a blog before opening your store? I started up my Facebook page some weeks before I opened up the shop, to promote that I was opening and to find some future customers. The Edgy Polish blog was started just a few days before the shop was opened. I have never been blogging before, and still I am not the most intense blogger, but I do my posts when I have something to show and tell. Facebook is the outstanding media for me right now, every day I get new followers and it´s an incredibly fast way to reach many people in all different parts of the world. So far I´ve got visitors from no less than 70 countries! That´s amazing and it makes me so happy!

Whats your favorite thing about retailing nail polish? Nail polish is a small product to stock and that is great. But even if the bottles are small, they give so much joy to those who wear it. To have pretty polished nails is a very easy way to feel stylish and there´s really no end to the creations that can be made! It ´s wonderful to open up a new delivery of nail polish and see all the wonderful combinations of color, glitter and other effects, collected in these beautiful bottles… Everybody can afford to buy nail polish, and everyone can enjoy it!

Can you tell us a curious thing that has happened to you with some client or something funny? One of the days when I had lots of orders to pack, I got a question from a customer who wanted to buy a collection that would soon arrive to the shop. I wrote a note about this to myself in the middle of the packaging. Two days later, I got an email saying that this note had by mistake landed in another customers package… No wonder I couldn´t find my note ;) Luckily, those two persons happened to be best friends so they got a good laugh about it as they understood what the note was about! ;)


Other Midia: Instagram: edgypolish

* Polishes Provided for review

WINTERS by Oopsie Daisies*
Direct link to store here

Pahlish -  Slow Fade of Love*
Direct link to store here

*complete review of this polishes will be up on the blog on the following days! Say tunned!
* Revisão e swatches completos destes dois vernizes estarão disponíveis aqui no blog nos próximos dias.

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  1. Great interview with a great woman! I'm Swedish and the opening of Edgy Polish means that it's so much easier to buy polishes from fun Indie Brands now. Fast shipping and reasonable prices. Thumbs up for Katarina :)

  2. So fun to read this interview that you did with sweet Katarina. I just love her shop and the gorgeous polishes that she sells.
    And now I found my way to your blog, it's great! :-)

  3. Katarina is an amazing lady indeed!! Thank you so much for stopping by !


  4. Hi Helena! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and its amazing to receive feedback like that!!


  5. Love your blog! I'm your new follower. I would like you to follow me back! thanks!

  6. Mais uma loja para a desgraça... thanks B :p