7 May 2013

Test Post - Blogger AppStore App - Update

The Blogger iPhone app has finally been updated and posting with the iPhone appears to be much easier now! 
I just updated the app and I am now giving it a try! 

Lets see the app?

New menu:


Check for adding pictures. The size is previously set on the options menu. 

I can add labels(tags) and location too!

So far so good!! 

Edit option is available too:

After hit save/done you can either publish or save draft:

Text editing is still quite poor. There is bold ,  underline and italic options only. 

Lets publish to see what happens! 

(Edited after published to see how it goes)

After hitting publish: 

Share option:
Google +

Options panel After publishing:

And thats all folks!!

I am VERY VERY VERYYY happy with this much needed update!!
A couple months ago I paid 5€ for blogsy ( ipad only) and even tho it is amazing still needs some updates. 
This version of blogger its very simple and does the necessary. For me the only bad thing is the unavailability of colors in text that I use a lot for the Portuguese version of my posts. 

Overall its a 8/10!! Congrats  blogger and apstore. 
Have you instaled? Do you agree with me? Is this great or what?

See you soon,


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  1. I have blogger on my iphone and used to do the posts via that and edit via a desktop/laptop. Hopefully this makes things easier, I'll have a go later. It was more so the inability to move pictures that affected my posting xo

  2. Yes true it's a fantastic app on iphone.It really helps and is worth spending on it.