15 May 2013

*B* Borough Babe Supply [ Suppliers Guide]

Hello ladies!

Today I'm showing you a wonderful glitter shop for all the ladies into the Indie Business, professionals or first timers!
Today's supplier will be Borough Babe Supply , featured on the Suppliers Guide.
Olá meninas!
Hoje trago-vos mais uma novidade. A Borough Babe Supply é uma loja de glitters, acessórios e consumíveis para a elaboração de frankens, indies e crafts. É ideal tanto para criadores experimentes como para quem quer experimentar pela primeira vez esta arte.

* * The Suppliers Guide is a the Guide that Follows the Indie Guide Project line and will be available all times in a exclusive and unique page of this blog for the purpose of informing everybody where to shop for glitters and supplies for Frankening. Its solo purpose is to help out all the girls! If anyone would like to be featured just let me know to blog.bettynails@gmail.com * * 

Business Name 
Borough Babe Supply, USA

Open Since - January 2012

Ships International?- Yes

Product Categories:
A) Solvent resistant glitters
B) Color pigments for polish
C) Agitator beads
D) Other nail polish making supplies
E) A selection of craft supplies

Best Sellers: 
1) Neon glitters
2) Solvent resistant glitters 
3) Agitator beads. 

Further Comments from the Owner: 
My goal is to bring nail polish makers and nail art aficionados the most varied range of glitters and tools for their needs. With new glitters and tools added every month everyone is bound to find great options to make their polishes and manicures unique and awesome.

So lets see a couple of the products that are available

Are you excited!? What do you think about the Suppliers Guide so far?
I'll show you more about Borough Babe Supply after I'm done with some experiments! Stay tuned and let me know if there is anything you'd like to see!

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See you soon,